Tom Clancy's The Division 2

What Does Aaron Keener want!?!?!?

After killing Aaron Keener in WONY, seeing him actually bleeding out from a firefight left a void inside me and shit tons of questions.


Throughout the series, Aaron Keener has always been the mastermind behind the scene, nothing happens if it's not what he wants, from fooling the Division in TD1 and playing around all the warlords and Black Tusk, Keener has everything in his palm, he has all the power to do anything he wants.

But an overlord like him just died in a straight-up firefight was a complete shock to me, it just doesn't make sense, he has every chance to kill us, from the shocks that he begins with or just the amount of SHD tech he could throw, it's like that he doesn't want to kill us, he want us to kill him.

After his death, the rogue network was activated and we retrieved ANNA from Keener's dead body and thus begun Fay Lau's betrayal and more.

One line that stood out for me "Shit! More Rogue agents…" what I think of this is that the network that Keener activated somewhat tuned ISAC's systems, instead of only showing static Rogue for a short while, the watch now permanently shows someone's rogue's statics. Faye's statics had changed and was forced to pull back, if not because of the network I think she might be working with us just a little bit longer.

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And since there is no way to hide their statics the rogue agents are coming out and rolling with their plans, hence why the manhunt begins and how rogue agents start showing out after the network activation.

I think Keener wants a full reset on the government, with project Eliscpe wiping off most people and ANNA rogue network, Keener wants to root out all the corruption in both the DIVISION and the USA, mostly because why the first wave failed anyway was because corrupted people were pulling out the JTF.

Keener has the good intense but with extreme executions, he wants to root out all those rogue agents and dirty politicians within one go, but he will not kill those who have righteousness in their hearts, this is why Keener didn't kill us in the Agent Edward mission, letting us go even he has full control, and not killing us again during the firefight, I believe Agent Edward might have gone rogue before but was able to hide his statics, that's why Keener killed him in such brutal ways.

But there were still many other questions, what are Keener's other partners doing after his death? We know he has more rogue agents from TD1 and did they got pushed out of hiding with the rogue network as well? If so, why team up with them in the first place?

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What I think is that Keener just uses the rogue network to give off locations of those who he thinks are disposable for his hidden team to continue their work, if they are not in his team they will be flagged, such as Agent Kelso.

This theory kinda works for being but it still feels like there are way too many missing pieces, in the end, I still have got a full idea of whats Keener wants for sure.

What do you think Keener is planning with all his words and powers he must have been saving some more juicy stuff for us right?


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