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What is your hardest hitting PVE build ?

Content of the article: "What is your hardest hitting PVE build ?"

Just curious to know what kind of hard hitting build players are using at the moment for PVE.

Mine is an AR full DPS build and here's how it's made (it's gonna be a really long one, sorry 😅) :

Specialization :

Gunner, with everything maxed out for AR, LMG and SMG. 

Gear :

3 pieces Providence ( Mask, Chest, Backpack ) - Chest Talent : Perfect Glass Cannon - Backpack Talent : Vigilance 1 piece Grupo Sombra ( Holster ) 1 Contractor's Gloves or 1 piece Fenris ( Gloves, obviously ) 1 Fox's Prayer ( Kneepads ) 

Almost all pieces are godrolled with Weapon Damage, Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage

Sometimes i change the Contractor's Gloves for Fenris Gloves. That will give me less damage to armor but gives me more damage to health, so if i'm gonna face a lot of heavies or warhounds i go with Fenris, if not i go with Contractor's Gloves.

Weapons :

Primary : Custom P416 G3

 DMG : 109.6k ( 114.4k with Fenris) 14% AR Damage, 21% DMG to Health and 8% to DMG to Target Out Of Cover Talent : In Sync 

Secondary : Eagle Bearer

 DMG : 118.7k ( 123.9k with Fenris) Godrolled Sidearm : P320 XCompact ( Gunner Pistol ) 

Skills :

Striker Drone Assault Turret 

Stats ( Focusing on what matters for a full DPS build )

With the P416 this build has 52.3% Critical Hit Chance, 185.6% Critical Hit Damage, 90% Headshot Damage, 8% Damage to Armor (With Contractor's Gloves), 16% Damage to Target Out Of Cover and 21% Health Damage.

With the Eagle Bearer, what changes is that Critical Hit Damage increases to 195.6%, Headshot Damage increases to 100% and Damage to Target Out Of Cover drops to 8%.

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Keep in mind that i also maxed out the watch.

So with all that said let's go to what kind of damage i can deal with this build.

First with the P416 :

Without In Sync : Body shots ( armor ) - 223k non crit ( 215k with Fenris ), 637k crit ( 617k with Fenris ) Body shots ( health ) - 250k non crit ( 260k with Fenris ), 714k crit ( 747k with Fenris ) Headshot ( armor ) - 424k non crit ( 409k with Fenris ), 838k crit ( 811k with Fenris) Headshot ( health ) - 475k non crit ( 495k with Fenris ), 939k crit ( 982k with Fenris ) With In Sync Body shots ( armor ) - 252k non crit ( 242k with Fenris ), 720k crit ( 695k with Fenris ) Body shots ( health ) - 282k non crit ( 293k with Fenris ), 807k crit ( 841k with Fenris ) Headshot ( armor ) - 479k non crit ( 461k with Fenris ), 948k crit ( 913k with Fenris) Headshot ( health ) - 537k non crit ( 558k with Fenris ), 1,062M crit ( 1,105M with Fenris ) 

Now for the Eagle Bearer :

 Body shots ( armor ) - 225k non crit ( 217k with Fenris ), 665k crit ( 644k with Fenris ) Body shots ( health ) - 252k non crit ( 263k with Fenris ), 745k crit ( 779k with Fenris ) Headshot ( armor ) - 450k non crit ( 434k with Fenris ), 890k crit ( 861k with Fenris) Headshot ( health ) - 504k non crit ( 495k with Fenris ), 997k crit ( 982k with Fenris ) 

The sidearm i basically never use and the skills are used for taking aggro and to proc In Sync.


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