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What’s your top (up to) 10 favorite skills in TD2?

Quite a long read ahead, just figured I'd warn you now.

I know skill builds are urky to some people, and their list would probably be something like-

  1. Revive Hive
  2. Assault Turret
  3. Striker Drone

-but I'm curious as to what skills people enjoy the most. I think it's common knowledge as to what skills are the worst, and some are borderline if not completely useless. But, everyone plays this game a little different, that's why it's awesome!

I really want to see how funky some people get with their lists, and what they use/enjoy the most. You don't really have to go into detail as to why, but I felt like it.

Since I brought it up, here's my list:

#10: Any hive besides booster (including Artificer)

I can't choose just one. That's like trying to pick your favorite kind of pizza.

The Revive Hive is easily the most used skill in the entire game, and for a very good reason. Getting picked up for free, while playing by yourself OR in a party is invaluable to succeeding through missions. I don't think many people really need any explanation as to why.

The Restorer Hive reliably and effectively heals anyone in a very sizeable radius, and frequently. It's also commonly combined with the BTSU gloves in raids to overcharge your entire team.

The Stinger Hive is a terrifying bee-swarm of needles that can wipe out a wide radius of enemies, and it's absolutely hilarious when overcharged (you need to try it yourself to see what I mean, it is amazing to watch).

-and The Artificer Hive from the Technician specialization. Absolutely phenomenal in tank builds with shields. The stuff you can survive through without ever needing to activate this skill is just insane.

For those reasons, I can't pick just one of these. They're all so diverse and useful in their own ways.

#9: Bulwark Shield

This is one of those skills that really hits its stride with a build centered towards its strengths. However, take it out of that environment, mostly disappointing. HOWEVER, the most powerful I've ever felt in this game is running through all the suicide drones and airbursts Black/White Tusk can throw at me, with no fear whatsoever (thank you Sawyer's Kneepads).

#8: Striker Drone/Assault Turret

They're just really good. Maybe not the funnest skills to use but man are they useful. They aren't flashy, they just get the job done; and honestly, that's what a skill should be doing.

#7: Explosive Stickybomb

Anyone who's ever overcharged one of these suckers knows why I have it at #7. The potential to clear an entire room with two button presses is tempting, and the dopamine you get when it hits…


When I say you can kill an entire room, the overcharged explosion radius covers almost every single room of the Air & Space Museum. The Summit is also where this thing comes unglued, and is beautiful to stick against walls to blow up an entire corner.

#6: Firestarter Chem Launcher

Just don't ever misfire it, oh my god don't misfire it…

You better be in a party if you ever misfire this thing, because you are dead; instantly, there is no escape. However, combine it with Eclipse Protocol and you've got yourself a pretty brutal combination. I didn't think much of a status effect build, but this skill definitely changed my mind AND ended up giving me one of my favorite builds, in combination with one of the later skills in this list, which we will get to later.

For now, this skill has further range than a marksman rifle, can be fired over objects, breaks cover, can be activated remotely while IN cover, can be fired multiple times without alerting enemies (pre-activation), and can scorch an entire room while overcharged. A lot of people prefer the Oxydizer, but burning your enemies to ash sends a message.


#5: Grenade Turret

It's just fun.

#4: Banshee Pulse

MOST UNDERRATED SKILL IN THE ENTIRE GAME. The fact that you can just "POCKET SAND!" an enemy and run away to safety every 25 seconds can be invaluable. Nobody ever runs this because it is part of the Gunner specialization (which is already kind of underrated as it is). I seem to be the only one who knows of its potential, since nobody I play with has really ever even used the thing. Even on skill tier 0, this is still a stupidly powerful tool for entering a fight, or attempting to escape one.

#3: Shock Trap

Step into the ring, you will get knocked out.

A very effective area-denial tool, and a very scary thing to run in an eclipse protocol build. It also can't be EMP-ed when already on the ground, so it works vs hunters and rogues. It also covers a gigantic area with every throw, which can essentially block off an entire route to you.

#2: Sniper Turret (TL;DR underneath)

The Sniper Turret, aka Fat Slaps, aka the Death Star, or as I call it, Adblock.

Why Adblock? It one-shot-kills an add on most difficulties, three shots kills 2/3 of all enemies in the game on Heroic. It is an add-crushing monster, and that's before you overcharge it. Also this is the most blunt item in the entire game excluding the 50 cal. Someone runs up to you swearing profusely about how D.C. is their town now, and you wipe them off the planet with one push of a button. You can also manually aim it for headshots, though it can be quite difficult.

Now I must admit, this would have been my #1 if I made this list pre-overcharge-nerf. How it used to be was-

  1. Throw grenade for overcharge (Acosto's Go-Bag)
  2. Throw Sniper Turret
  3. Overcharged Sniper Turret slaughters everything in sight for the next minute (since it kept overcharge the entire time, if you threw it while having overcharge)
  4. Repeat from step 1, cause you can get overcharged again.

This thing was so unbelievably broken before it got nerfed, I wasn't even that upset when it did. You could run one medic with the BTSU Gloves, and three DPS people with this turret and a revive hive. BTSU person overcharges, now you have three overcharged sniper turrets in play for anywhere between 60-180 seconds, assuming any enemies lived that long, while getting shot by three DPS builds at the same time.

It was disgusting, and I loved it. I never tried it in PvP but I don't think it went pretty. Post nerf it works like any skill, where it has the overcharge as long as you have overcharge. It statistically stayed the same, but the overcharge only lasts a few seconds at a time now instead of entire minutes repeatedly. It's still an absolute blast to use, and (aside from when it randomly breaks and refuses to shoot right) has consistently been a powerful weapon for me to use.

TL;DR: It wipes adds off the map with one push of a button, and when overcharged, is one of the greatest sources of burst damage output in the entire game.

#1: Cluster Seekers.

No feeling quite like throwing a little Orbee at your enemies and recreating that scene from The Dark Knight Rises. They're so much better than normal seekers for one reason. They explode AT the person, not five feet away from them. I tried normal seekers for about an hour and just gave up once I realized they stop about four to five feet away from the enemy they're attacking. What's the point of a seeker-ANYTHING if it stops and blows up before it gets to its target. Imagine how useless a torpedo would be if it just stopped or blew up before it reached the battleship it was fired towards.

So, these were my top 10 (and a half, and another half skills).

I won't say they're the most effective, or that they aren't effective. But they're definitely all useful and fun to use. Just please for the love of god do not misfire the firestarter chem launcher.


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