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Why is Foundry Being Nerfed?

Content of the article: "Why is Foundry Being Nerfed?"

3% Armor regeneration is being reduced to 1%? (Talking about PvP)

– Let's make an argument on why this is unfair to tank builds.

The max armor regeneration a person can obtain is 5% max.

This accompanied by 2.1 million armor allows a person to heal from 100k-120k per tick.

The main problem with tanks was this,

  1. Tank vs Tank was a pointless ring around a rosey
  2. (In my opinion) Pistols scale to high of damage for a tank build which is the main reason tanks get a bad reputation, 500k base damage on a pistol build is just unfair.

Pros vs cons:


  • You can't get emp'd which would void out the build completely
  • You can properly do your job, which is to tank.
  • You have 0 red mod slots unless you reroll your mod slots


  • You forfeit up 3 Minor rolls Attributes, which could have been 36% critical damage, 30% headshot, 18% critical chance, and/or any skill/heal attribute.
  • Possibly a chest/backpack talent that can used for damage
  • Making my shield even 26 million health is pointless if "Anyone" can emp it and just ruin a tanker.
  • Even with 2,100,000 armor, 100,000+ armor regeneration I still get destroyed because people can hit easily over 100k with lady death for example.
  • Shield hinders my movement speed, and some players can shoot "Around" it.
  • It rolls with Default Blue mod slots, which is armor on kill (Max 60,000 but i require a "kill" only 2.8% of my armor) — Protection from elites — Incoming Repairs (ruined unless in group) — AOE Resistances — last and most viable was armor regeneration.
  • To obtain 5% you would have to run the Emperors Guard, and 2-piece golan, which again I gain nothing from the brand set bonuses being skill duration + 1% armor regeneration, 10% status effects , and 1% Armor regeneration.
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Why would you continue to nerf something such as this?

Main point being this, for me to be a solid tank that can regenerate damage, I must sacrifice 1-3 Minor attributes, 3 brand set pieces, and Deal with defensive mod slots which contribute nothing to the a tanks build.

Bonus: Why worry about a nerf, when we still have the 4-piece broken (Not working as Intended) in Pve but bring concern to it in pvp?

Make a valid argument and lets see where we can get with this.


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