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3k battle can learn from Troy

Content of the article: "3k battle can learn from Troy"

I am more a fan of 3k than Troy. But I have to say the battle in Troy is much more interesting to play than 3k. And I really want some great stuffs to be transferred into 3k and the future games. This is what I found:

  1. The missing of siege weapon like treb in Troy feels like lacking at first but it really makes you think about a strategy to attack a settlement. I actually enjoy the old totalwars when artillery are only useful against building.

  2. The besieged enemy ai will not just stand in the entrance and wait for your archers to shoot them until everyone is dead. Combine with the treb, with a large group of archers and the generals alone can win you a casualty-less battle every single time. It takes away the sense of sacrificial during a siege which every other total war game has.

  3. Tower in 3k is op. It is also boring, it is too much of a risk to have melee fight within its range. So you just won’t do that and just use fire arrows to destroy them first before any further movement, this reduces the usefulness of foot soldiers and I rarely make use of them in siege. Most of the time I will just push slowly with archers and avoiding towers all together, which makes every game the same and less exciting.

  4. Siege battle maps in Troy encourage movement, flanking and coordinated attacks between units. Mostly due to the smaller city block, it is much more easy to set up flanking attacks. The dynamic ai movements also makes luring more possible. It is much more fun. Of course we can argue that we can still use these tactic in 3k sieges if I find the archer tactic too boring. But my point is the map design in Troy naturally motivate me to utilise my army better.

  5. There are more terrain changes within a small area on map. Making it much more easy to change tactic with terrain in mind. In general terrain has more effect on units too! Like forest blocks arrow, and slow down speed of some units a lot. They makes you think about your move. This is big contrast compare to in 3k, which foot soldiers run across rivers like on flat ground…..I remember people drown in old total war… y can’t we have that. It much more immersive.

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I might be just nitpicking. But I really think Troy is doing something right which 3k and future games should take those design.


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