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3K’s Historical Battles (and how to fix them)

Content of the article: "3K’s Historical Battles (and how to fix them)"

They're bad.

They shouldn't be in the game at this state. They basically exist as… demo builds of the game to be shown at E3 and the like. That's why you have level 12 Guan Yus and strategists with every single ability in the game.

All in all, they are uninspired and you can really tell how little effort was put into them. The characters are not even pronounced correctly in many cases. The narrator, being a native speaker, was likely directed VERY early on the game's development and the director didn't know better.

So how do we fix them?

Well, get rid of them, for starters. Off the main menu. But not entirely! Let's take Chi Bi (Red Cliffs) for example.

Incorporate it into the campaign and give it some love. Let's say we have a 208 AD start date in the future. If you pick Liu Bei or Sun Quan, you're immediately thrust into an unavoidable battle. This is the historical battle. Autoresolve values are SET to their historical outcome, regardless of how the engine would actually calculate it. That way, if it's your 30th time starting a campaign, you can just skip it. For Chibi, this means a heroic victory against absolutely overwhelming odds… BUT since Cao Cao escaped in history, autoresolve will give you a 0% chance of wounding or capturing him.

So, by all means, you can play the battle and try to do even better. But after the end of it, win or lose, the campaign begins as normal and all the usual mechanics are back into play.

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I say this because I think historical battles, especially the huge dramatic ones romanticized by the novel, have a powerful potential to really draw players into the narrative and give them a reason to hit a new campaign running.

As it is, Changban is the most disappointing to me. Zhao Yun's incredible flight from behind enemy lines is accompanied by a single utterance from the advisor "Reinforcements have arrived!"

No reference is made to how he was carrying Liu Bei's baby back to safety or anything. :/


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