Total War

A Crisis for Every Faction

As it stands, most factions are basically trying to paint the map, then eventually chaos shows up for variety's sake. My idea:

  • Give every faction its own thematic victory conditions
  • Have the AI actively pursue those conditions
  • Make Bad Things Happen when factions succeed (or sometimes fail) at their goals.

My hope is that this would add some texture and variety to the game, and you'd have different Big Things happening on a deeper layer than some factions getting big/dying. These crises would come in roughly three varieties:

  • A Faction Succeeds (and it's bad): Some faction striving towards a particular goal succeeds, and unleashes hell. I imagine chaos working this way, with each of the DoC engaged in a race, and whoever wins kicks off the end times.
  • A Faction Fails (and it's bad): Other factions would have defensive rather than offensive goals, trying to contain some particular threat (maybe another faction). If they fail or are destroyed, that threat is unleashed on (at least some part) of the world.
  • A faction succeeds (and they're assholes): This would be the most common and least dramatic of the three. A lot of "normal" factions would have code so that while them reaching their goals isn't directly apocalyptic, it does cause them to get drunk on power and go "I don't need you. I don't need anybody" to their would-be allies. (This would help counter the order-tide, as they would only be cooperative when they were scared)
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These would vary in severity and locality. Some of them (Chaos, Nagash) would be global existential threats, while others might only matter to their neighbors, or just be a temporary thing. Many of them would be coded differently if the player achieves them.

Some examples:

  • Azhag's Green Undead Tide: Azhag will actually try to reach Arkhan's tower. If he does, he gets a big economic buff, and a permanent WAAGH-like thing where his armies are always reinforced by equal numbers of assorted undead units
  • The Sisters of Averlorn could meet enough of their goals to stop fucking around. They would confederate the other WE factions and adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone but them settling magical forests or heathlands.
  • Thorgrim could re-claim enough of his empire and clear enough pages from the book of grudges to get to the really old ones, and start working his way down through elves, lizards and any humans who looked at him funny
  • Skarnik/Queek/Belagor taking K8P would let it go to their heads, and consider themselves the natural lords of that whole mountain range
  • Lord Skrolk succeeding/Cult of Sotek failing could lead to a (temporary, weaker) version of a skaven plague spreading everywhere, followed by a lot of sudden Skaven uprisings against weakened garrisons worldwide
  • Gromm actually beating Elathrion would inspire several turns of armies loyal to him spawning and assaulting Ulthuan, with a solid chance of taking it and becoming Everyone's Problem
  • Markus Wolfhart conquering Lustria could lead to him and the empire colonies uniting, declaring independence and becoming a belligerent power in a paper-thin metaphor for the USA
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I'm not actually that well-read on Warhammer lore, so I'm sure there are a lot of ideas out there I'm missing. Very open to ideas on those, if ya'll got any. Any particular:

  • What could happen with Malekith/flames of Asuryan?
  • How could the Horned Rat make an appearance?
  • What could happen if the Oak of Ages falls?
  • Who might bring back Nagash, and how would that go?
  • What could go down if Vampirates get their way?
  • What's Settra's end game, and how could it be implemented?


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