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A Most Difficult Decision

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Pox outbreak in Brionne

It was spring when the flagship of Fay Enchantress's fleet dropped anchor at Brionne, the season of storms, the season of farming toil, the season of plagues.

Morgiana stared hard into her mirror. One month ago her troops disembarked at Brionne, to rest before the long march to the north and consolidate public order. Men-at-arms, sailors, archers, even veteran shepherds from all across her realm and the newly inherited Lyonesse have gathered at her banner, called upon to storm the castle of fair Landuin, and now with the south pacified and secured against rats that walked like men and sea corpses alike, they were free to march north to cleanse the cursed Mousillon at long last.

She felt stronger, even more confident after the recent naval victories. Truth be told, her troops were eager to move immediately, inspired as ever by her presence; but she felt at the cusp of a new magical breakthrough, and decided to stay in Brionne to practice magic on local frogs.

She glanced down at the reports from her damsels. A new plague has erupted in Brionne, as they always did, but this time it was spreading much easier, further than usual and dangerously resembling the Crow Pox. Naturally, she didn't have to fear any human plague; nor did those to whom the Lady has offered her Grail. But the plague would reach the city in days, if it hadn't yet. The winter wheat harvest was in full session; and with Brionne being the breadbasket of southern Bretonnia and trade capital of her realm, full quarantine would be ruinous, but letting the disease run wild would be murderous. She would have to close off the city – and that meant trapping the army inside, delaying the Lady-ordained crusade against Mousillon once more, for a year or perhaps century more.

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Or she could send the men north as she intended to. The Blessing of the Lady her army's banners bore would shield her chivalrous host from some of the plague's effects, and her own magic could be used to replenish the health of the sick. There would be no quarantine, and Bretonnia would lose many of its young and elderly. But the Lady's will would be done swiftly and terribly, without delay.

It was a difficult decision to make, but one she would have to.


tl;dr Have Corvid, Will Travel (Not)


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