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A personal story of Troy, my excitement and my own Amazon warrior

Content of the article: "A personal story of Troy, my excitement and my own Amazon warrior"

Hi guys, I just wanted to write a little thing on my current thoughts on why I am very excited for the upcoming Troy release. This may be a little too off-topic and rambling so I apologise to the mods if it is, I just wanted to share.

Obviously, I’m aware that everyone has thoughts on the Epic exclusivity and what this means. I have my own opinions but I don’t wish this post to discuss those again. I’m sure everyone has said their piece ad nauseam by now!

Now, some background. I am a solicitor in the UK (not too far from CA, I am familiar with some of their solicitors!) and it’s been a hell of a week/month. I returned to a busy caseload after being furloughed and, as I write this, I am waiting for my partner to come back from the hospital after cancer surgery and cannot sleep (I wasn't allowed in the hospital with her due to coronavirus, just to drop her off).

About her… She is the strongest person I know and she means the absolute world to me. I cannot overstate how amazingly strong she is. We met climbing mountains and we continue to do so when we can. Well, far more accurately, she drags me up them because she is relentless and will never quit. She is an absolute warrior and I would definitely give up halfway up if she wasn’t there!

Two months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, this was a shock and the middle of a pandemic is a difficult time to have this news (not that there is ever a good time)!

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Unfortunately, she has required a mastectomy, something relatively uncommon for someone her age as we are both in our early 30s.

It kills me that I cannot make it all better and I know the mental toll of the surgery will be just as tough as the physical one. I want to reassure her that she is beautiful and amazing. She has been so strong and taken everything in her stride but I want to make her feel ok about it all and not to worry and I know that this will cause her body image concerns and worries.

So what does any of this random depressing story have to do with Total War and Troy? Apart from being something for me to write to take my mind off the worry, I promise there is a link.

In recent months I have been reading more Greek mythology (side note: I recommend Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles and Circe for interesting takes on those characters!) and I recalled the stories of the Amazons. A tribe of beautiful, strong, unmatched warrior women who, legends say, removed their right breast to allow to fight better. That sounds very apt right now…

It seems to me that my partner is my Amazon warrior. She always has been and always will be. She will never stop fighting, never give up and would defend Troy till some tricksy bastard makes a big horse and then spends ten years going home. It is true that I have never seen her throw a javelin. But we did some archery once and I recall she hit the target so I am convinced she can skewer a Greek spearman at 100 paces.

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This has only occurred to me this evening but as soon as I can talk to her again, I will be telling her this. I might leave out that I think she could throw sharp sticks at Greeks for now. It could be misinterpreted given the painkillers she will be on…

My partner doesn’t know much of Greek mythology so I am very much looking forward to showing her the game, with the Amazons DLC, and teaching her just how badass these women were and how amazing she obviously is as well. I hope I can make her a general, kill Agamemnon and make Achilles surrender!

Roll on release day so I can defend Troy with very own, real-life, Amazon warrior as my tactical assistant.

I am not sure whether this post was necessary, or even if it’s related enough to Total War to be allowed. Sorry to the mods again if it was too much of am off-topic ramble. I am very worried and tired. But this is why I am excited for release day and it’s been quite cathartic to write this all down!

Oh, another coincidence, I am Turkish and Troy, together with the Amazon lands, lies in Anatolia. I do love a tenuous connection!

Thank you for reading my sleepy ramblings.

To CA, thank you for releasing this game at the perfect time (give or take a month) for my personal circumstances. I am sure it was entirely intentional on their part and I appreciate that effort. I would also appreciate it if you could make the Amazons the strongest units in the game so you don't embarrass me when I lose my first battle to a tactical blunder.

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