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A small sample of some of the top played MP factions and observations and advice from a Norsca main.

Recently I have started recording my MP opponents throughout 50 games and thought I'd share. One thing to keep in mind is that I played Norsca for all 50 games and was pretty diligent about picking Norsca quickly, since the playerbase seems to have a pretty decent aversion to mirror matches on quick match, this means that Norsca was not my opponent once. Anyway here is the numbers:

Beastmen- 1

Brettonia- 2

Dark Elves- 4

Dwarves- 3

Empire- 4

Greenskins- 6

High Elves- 7

Lizardmen- 4

Norsca- 0

Skaven- 6

Tomb Kings- 4

Vampire Coast- 0

Vampire Counts- 2

Chaos Warriors- 5

Wood Elves- 2


I am rather inexperienced playing against these guys as they are so damn unpopular, and it's not because people do not own the DLC, essentially every player I played owned the DLC. I was approaching this matchup with Throgg because BM missile play is not very strong but I think Wulfrik is the way to go with this. They'll try to drown you in numbers so in the future I'm going to try to buzzsaw through their chaff quicker to isolate the monsters.


I hate this matchup. Throgg is a no-go due to how strong peasant bowmen now are (and the fact they can get fire arrows does not help.) Which is forcing you into Wulfrik, which isn't bad but isn't good at taking on cav and Brettonia is very difficult to isolate its lords. I really think this is a Brettonia favored matchup.

Dark Elves:

This matchup simply goes like this: if they bring 2-4 Scourgerunners then you lose. If not you win. DE really seems to just be overcosted in most aspects. Marauders beat their frontline and if they invest heavily into it they're getting hit with seafang and pendulum. If they go heavy skirmish though, you may just not be able to answer it.


This matchup is pretty even imo. My chariot micro is pretty bad so I end up losing my Ice Wolves Chariots early and throwing myself out of it. Unlike some factions Norsca has the tools to dumpster many Dwarf builds. The biggest problem for Norsca is the slayers, they're going to be locked onto your chariot lord and chariot mage and force you to never take a second off. Trolls and Marauder Axe Throwers are key in this matchup.

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Out of all the times I've played against Empire I feel as if I've learned absolutely nothing. If they go heavy skirmish, your javelins won't be able to trade too well if their micro is on. Volkmar is outstandingly difficult to kill unless you're willing to commit your GW Fimirs, which is more than likely a mistake. Missile play will melt Throgg and they will probably take Knights of the Blazing Sun to demolish your Skin Wolves. I haven't seen it in a while but Jade Wizard/Karl Franz can be very difficult if a good player is playing them.


This is a pretty even matchup and one of the more fun ones. Greenskins can spec into an overwhelming front line and destroy yours of they could even spec into skirmish if they'd like. This faction is good and versatile. It's not surprise they are some of the more popular factions.

High Elves:

All the High Elf players I play either go for an archer overload or elite infantry and neither of them are good builds. They can be easily countered by an elite Norscan frontline and any of their dragons will be feasted on by javelins. I'm not really sure why these guys are so popular especially against Norsca. I go with 4 Marauder Camps with GW which will absolutely wreck Silverin and Spearmen which will leave their bowline (which most players invest too heavily into) are wide open.


This is pretty heavily Norscan favored imo as well, I like to take a frontline of exclusively armor piercing. Champions lose against Temple Guard but it's close and I usually follow up with a pendulum to even the score. Ice Wolves are required because sometimes the LM player will get cute with his Chameleon Skinks, which I have picked off instantly many times. Throgg is the lord of choice and I use him to protect 2 Marauder Hunters, which should be your MVP at the end of the day.

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There is a gentle balance to playing against Skaven. You have to respect the monster mash while also not forgetting about their decent ranged options. Sweeper units are very important in killing and routing off chaff that flees but with the addition of Wolf Rats you have to be very carful with them. Wulfrik is the safer pick, but Throgg vs Throt when you're buffing him with Flaming Sword is just deadly. If they go heavy with weapons teams then you just pick a point, pour some magic onto it and break their cowardly front line and pour in after them.

Tomb Kings:

Heavily favoring Nosca imo. Fimir with GW will lower the armor of those big scary constructs, which will also help Hunters with their anti-large destroy them. Bring a fire caster and use burning head and char those skeletons. Beware of the Necrospinx.

Vampire Coast:

I'm not sure why no one is playing Coast, they're still a great faction but their matchup against Norsca is not the best. Berserkers will buzzsaw through their garbage front line. Syreens are actually a very good unit, but since I'm using flaming sword of Ruin, they may as well not exist. Go wide with shields as much as you can and bring some wolves to feast on them. Most players will bring along a big monster so Fimir and Skin Wolves are a really good pick.

Vampire Counts:

Still a pretty good faction. the Norsca matchup is pretty even. I believe this is one battle that is won in the army select screen. Berserkers buzz through chaff and summons and this is a pretty safe matchup to bring a mammoth along. You need to make good use of your anti large and make sure that Throgg doesn't get pinned down and is always dealing damage to their scary monsters.

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This is a tough matchup. They can potentially out-skirmish you, they can dumpster your front line or they can bring a terrifying monster core. You really have to try and do your best to predict what he might bring. This is one matchup where I think Norsca actually has to go on more of the defense and try and maximize value from your ranged units.

Wood Elves:

Every time the opponent picks WE I debate just leaving the game. Unfortunately I just have no advice for you.


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