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After Furious Wilds, these are things I feel Three Kingdoms should focus on updating or it feels out-of-date

Content of the article: "After Furious Wilds, these are things I feel Three Kingdoms should focus on updating or it feels out-of-date"

I got around to play Furious Wilds yesterday (mostly because MTU updated) and I'm really enjoying the new gameplay style of the Nanman where you unite/assemble the tribes under one banner. I think it's a huge step in the right direction but it also made me think about how 3 Kingdoms is lacking in some areas.

Bear in mind, this is my personal list, blah blah blah.

(1) The Gaunxi System needs a massive overhaul. Desperately.

I love the idea of the Guanxi System. It's the most interesting character roleplay mechanic CA has introduced for its total war games. But its current form is just… Not fun.

Look. I hate, absolutely hate, seeing those red "X's" because characters don't get along. It's OCD. The X's and checkmarks doesn't match the aesthetic of three kingdoms with its Chinese ink brush themes. There's absolutely nothing I can do to force two characters to get along outside of maybe an RNG event to "deepen relationship" or something which doesn't always fix it anyways.

The worst thing is that when you hit late game/emperor then it's literally impossible to fill all your government and minister positions and make sure everyone gets along. Someone is ALWAYS going to not like someone else given that many characters jammed into a room.

I'd be happy if you could turn off the "X/checkmark"-thing so I can ignore it but the Guanxi system as it is just feels un-interactive currently.

(2) Maybe update the Han tech tree?

Dumb thing but after seeing the unique Bandit Tech tree, the Yellow Turbans, and the Nanman – I feel the Han factions could use a tech tree… expansion? I guess it'd be nice if one or two new techs are added to the tech tree every so often so it's not always static and it gets one-upped by newer flashier tech trees. I can respect the Han tech tree being simpler for newer players, but maybe it could use some love and more flowers for older players.

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(3) Every faction should have at least 2, ideally 3+, unique characters.

If the MTU, puzzle, and wu-rennaisance mod proves anything, it's that there's a huge demand for unique characters. I hope CA realizes that Three Kingdoms is often played by people who treat it like Pokemon, capturing and collecting Chinese generals.

I think it's a disservice to the minor factions: (I'm specifically thinking Shi Xie because of his achievement to get his family members to lead vassal factions and others like Tao Qian, Liu Chen but also factions like Gongsun Zan, Yuan Shu, Dong Zhou) where there's really only one in-faction legendary character and once they die, there's no legendary character to really place them unless you adopt another one. Tao Qian and Dong Zhou in particular are disappointing because they are scripted to die, then they're replaced by generic art nobodies in vanilla. Shi Xie and Tao Qian are shown to be "family" men with many sons but their children are generic nobodies.

Once CA start's hitting the next generation of three kingdoms with the rise of Cao Pi, Liu Shan, and stuff – they might want to consider making sure each faction at least has an up-and-coming heir that is a legendary/unique at least for factions like Dong Zhou, Tao Qian who are scripted to die – but then their generic son/brother takes over.

Some Minor Ideas

These aren't problems, but more like ideas I'd like to see:

  • More modifications to the campaign map: I love the introductions of gate passes. Great stuff campaign-wise.

  • Maybe some unique buildings in certain regions? Like Luoyang and Chang'an has an Imperial Palace (similar to how ports are always in slot 1)?

  • A scholar-character class. I love the idea of Eunuchs who can't lead armies but can still occupy positions of government. I kind of wanna see this expanded to a scholar/bureaucrat role where characters are only for administration but doesn't lead armies.

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I love Total War Three Kingdoms. I hope CA continues to update it regularly instead of waiting to drop all the patches when a new expansion hits.


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