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An Idea for Warhammer III: Ultra Late Game Objectives/Abilities

Content of the article: "An Idea for Warhammer III: Ultra Late Game Objectives/Abilities"

I'm so excited for Warhammer III, and I can't wait to play on the tri-fold Mortal Empires map, which will be a massive mess of factions and endless conquest. My worry is the potential monotony, though. I've thought things like what if capital cities could go up to Tier 7, and Tier 7 units would be damn near impossible to get before turn 150?

Then I read this post:

In it, u/Tay-Tech said this: I am fine with the climate system, but I really wish each faction could just research ways to colonize/improve life in most places. I'm fine with some frozen climates or just the chaos wastes being untouchable (even if it would be neat to enact The Great Plan and purify them in the latest of late game, same to making the world a chaos waste when winning as Chaos).

And it got me thinking: what if there were ultra-late game mechanics for each faction? Something that didn't kick in until you owned hundreds of settlements, long after Archaon was dead and chaos had receded. Something that helped people who like to paint the map and made the dull, crushing monotony of sweeping your 4th and 5th continents more fun and engaging.

I haven't thought any of these out — some are bound to be broken and impossible for CA to implement — and I know some of these are objectives and others are racial abilities — but here are some ideas:

Lizardmen. As Tay-Tech said, it'd be nice if lizards could build temples that, when the geomantic web was built up in a big way (think clusters of cities, 50+) could purify neighboring lands. So if you take the Empire's lands and build several tier 3 cities with enough nodes, the chaos wastes would begin to clear.

Dwarfs. As your legendary lord grows in power, eventually he begins squabbling with the gods themselves developing grudges against them. This means that when you take enough territory, you gain the power to spend time and money to destroy the edifices to other races' deities. Think destroying the runes around Athel Loren and burning down the forest, or wrecking the vortex (which would set up an additional conflict against chaos).

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Bretonnia. It might be neat to set up peasant unions, where the peasants have additional mechanics so in the late game they are more useful and efficient. These unions might form because the lords and heroes are off questing so much, there isn't enough oversight over peasantkind, and they begin taking matters into their own hands. And the peasants can't use their newfound powers if they are in an army with too many lords/heroes.

Reikland. I like the idea that the Empire can research new climates to live in. Also, they could get the power to build forts wherever they want, and hire units to guard that spot… kind of like a stationary black ark. Maybe the climate and stationary forts could be locked behind the tech tree, so you have to research everything in order to research these two dealios.

Norsca. With enough time and destroyed factions/cities, all the chaos gods might decide to give you their bonuses, not just your favored god.

Beastmen. Once you've razed enough cities (a full continent or more), neutral warherd factions begin spawning en masse, causing a chain reaction of razed settlements (I've always wanted to see the entire world razed).

Chaos. They could have the power to end the vortex and sink Ulthuan into the sea, provided enough conditions are met (Teclis is dead, they've won their long victory conditions, you hold the sword of khaine, etc).

Tomb Kings. If you own enough territory, you can hold expeditions to unearth ancient things. Excavation would require an entire army multiple turns. They could release ancient beasts that cannot be attached to an army, but is a goliath as strong as an army by its own right. Or you might unearth a lord, which gives you a +1 to army capacity.

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Vampirates. They might hold rituals at the edge of their territories to create whirlpools. So if as Harkon you own all of Lustria, you can enact rituals in multiple settlements simultaneously, and summon whirlpools to defend the continent so the only way to attack is from the north.

Skaven. With enough territory, a Skaven-immune plague spreads outward, crippling enemy territory adjacent to your own. It weakens settlement garrisons (but it probably shouldn't weaken enemy armies).

Vampire Counts. Vampire corruption builds momentum and accelerates public disorder in opposing factions. 'nuff said.

Greenskins. After meeting enough victory conditions, that can infest mountains. Unlike dwarfs, who need time to excavate and build pretty, impressive, and logistically-sound cities, greenskins quickly hollow out caves and can build new cities under any mountain in the game (though unlike colonization, it should take an army or two several turns to dig).

I don't have anything for any of the elven factions. Wood elves are about to have their massive rework, and the other two are already such incredible late game powerhouses (both in terms of economy and roster) that they would simply need something to make them more interesting. The AI should also get these superpowers… though based on the above, that might turn Reikland into an RTS-style tower rush faction lol.

I'm doing a full map conquer of Alarielle on VH/H right now. There are only four factions and roughly three dozen settlements left (mostly the chaos wastes and a bit of troll country / Kislev are left) and I have been bored for awhile. I can only imagine what painting the Warhammer III map will be like.

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It also feels like I spend the whole game trying to build the ultimate army, but once I have it I'm not sure what to do with it, because by that time the game's objectives are in the bag.

These are observations and not criticisms, though: Warhammer II is my favorite game by far. I have all the achievements and nearly 1600 hours invested. I'd just like to see a larger number of late-game activities in Warhammer III to keep Mortal Empires interesting.


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