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An idea to make Beastmen (and Warriors of Chaos with a bit of tweaking) horde gameplay more viable

Content of the article: "An idea to make Beastmen (and Warriors of Chaos with a bit of tweaking) horde gameplay more viable"

Beastmen can raise a herdstone over the ruins of a settlement. Like with Skaven settlements, they'll appear as empty ruins until discovered, allowing Beastmen to be selective with which settlements to raze as normal, or raze and raise herstone. Herdstone settlements will belong directly to the occupying Beastmen faction, but similar to Wood Elf outposts, they'll have only a single build slot, with only a handful of building options, no ability to advance past T1, and no walls. The buildings available will represent dedications to the Gods, and have different garrisons, with more elite garrisons costing more money to build, the only army recruitment possible from settlements being Lords and Heroes, with unit recruitment still tied exclusively to encampment. Settlements can raise chaos corruption, and some dedication buildings could possibly have effects like increased movement range or casualty replenishment, but no money generation.

What does this accomplish? Beastmen (and WoC) have a couple of big issues with being hordes, one is the inability to prevent recolonization, leading to whack-a-mole gameplay. The other, just as important, is the factions being destroyed when their armies get wiped out (which also affects Nakai). The former issue makes playing as them less fun, while the latter makes AI Beastmen factions die very early, since a single crushing defeat means their LL is dead and there's no way to bring him back. If they're able to garrison ruins, though, they can fight off resettlement, and if they can recruit Lords and Heroes, then they can bounce back from defeats, as long as they have something left, just like every other faction.

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From a lore standpoint, they're not actually colonizing a settlement, rather they're still tearing it all down and erecting a Herdstone, which attracts more Beastmen to hang around the general area. They don't get walls, so every battle would be a minor settlement land battle, but that can be somewhat countered by more expensive dedication buildings having more elite garrisons. Beastmen are supposed to be notoriously difficult to put down for good. Each of the current Beastmen LLs has been crushed in battle multiple times in the lore, only to pop back up again later, but currently in TWW, as a horde faction, they're one of the few in the whole game that can't.


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