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Aside from WH3, if any more games are made on the current engine, I think it would be…

Content of the article: "Aside from WH3, if any more games are made on the current engine, I think it would be…"

…acient India, because of the hero system we see in WH, 3K, and Troy. Bollywood shows their protagonists as being overpowered all the time, so this would make sense. And aside from being one of three theatres in Empire, we haven't really had a game set in India.

Given the hero system and the extreme popularity of the ancient Mauryan Empire, I'm betting this would probably be the rise of the Mauryan Empire in 322 BCE, Ashoka the Great's reign in 268 BCE, or the empire's collapse in 184 BCE. Like DLC'S such as Charlemagne or 8 Princes, maybe there's a DLC later on with the rise of the Gupta Empire in 550 CE.

Personally, I'd prefer India to be based on Attila's mechanics, except for being on the scale of the WH2 Mortal Empire's map, the diplomacy of Three Kingdoms, and the multiple resources mechanic from Troy. And I'm not all that big of a fan of the overpowered hero's and would much rather they stay in WH, but I could easily see CA using Bollywood as an excuse to make another game similar to 3K and Troy. Maybe give it a little of eastern Iran, southern Tibet, and western Myanmar. India's a big market CA could invest in.

Just a thought I had, and I really want an India TW.


For the people saying there wouldn't be enough diversity, I'm pasting here what I said in a comment:

• Aryans (aka North Indians/Indo-Europeans, who have lighter skin like in Middle East)

• Dravidians (aka South Indians, have much darker skin more akin to Indonesia + Polynesia)

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• Sino-Tibetans (aka "eastern Indians" which look much closer to the people of Southeast Asia, typically people from places like Bangladesh, and the borders of Myanmar and Nepal)

• Sri Lankans (basically Dravidians but their own seperate culture)

• Nepalese

• Tibetans

• Iranians

• Baluchis

• Burmese

• Afghans

• Greeks (for Seleucids, Bactrians, and Indo-Greeks)


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