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Attempt at having CA notice the absolute state of Belegar Ironhammer

Content of the article: "Attempt at having CA notice the absolute state of Belegar Ironhammer"

To start off i want to showcase the noticable things unique to Belegar in his skill tree

Firstly being his Oath stone

Pretty much just being a "Stand your Ground" that you can unlock earlier. Could've been a quest item with a more interesting effect.

Then we have Orcsbane which is actually kind of interesting untill you realise once the greenskins are wiped out this skill becomes useless.

Gather the old clans +2 recruit rank and local recruitment capacity is alright but not spectacular, so far the only actual buffs to the army as a whole is Orcsbane and that needs greenskins in order to work.

Rally the holds i find extremely boring as most dwarfs are going to like you from the get-go since you war against two greenskin factions. Global recruitment duration -1 is alright if you need to global recruit in the late campaign.

The oaths of reclamation i find the absolute worst of these supposed unique skills, 3 oathgold per turn is meh, your gonna make twice that from your engineer/grudges or battles. Leadership when in foreign territory ah yes, lets make our 80-100+ leadership units who wont break until mabye 5-6 unit models are left fight for 1 extra second, that sounds like a great skill!, the worst for last, 12 charge bonus for the lords army eh. charge bonus for dwarfs shouldn't need an explanation its just really really lazy on the behalf of the people who made these boring and borderline garbage "would-be unique skills" for Belegar.

Now Certainly some people might come with an opinion like "but Belegar has his ancestor heroes" Gor-Rok also has a legendary hero who probably pulls more weight than the 4 slots Belegar has to field for his heroes, and Gor-Rok also gets a unique line on top of that, likely because Gor-Rok is game 2 while Belegar is game 1 dlc.

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He lost the old rangers buff in a patch that did some red line overhaul, so now he buffs virtually nothing, and in underway battles get this, he has vanguard deployment "woah!. Its just really boring.

Leadership buffs should honestly be removed from the dwarf faction as a whole since they really don't need it at all. The 50% upkeep mechanic until Karak eight peaks has been reclaimed i don't see as special anymore, its really just there to give you a hard time, the copper mountain building with its 500 income doesn't help this fact very much. The 2 ironbreakers added to the garrison is really good though.

I chose Belegar as the topic of this rant because out of the four legendary lords you can field, none are as generic and close to a standard lord as Belegar in terms of his skill tree, his unique skills are boring and generally horrible to even put points into, but then again why not put the points in, he has virtually no skill tree to speak of since you can fill in most things like all the way up to lightning strike and some replenishment then go red line and buff your army, and you've still got lots points to spend afterwards.

Using the ancestor heroes as an excuse to give Belegar the most uninspired boringly simple skill tree is honestly lazy, i bet many-a people would gladly welcome a rework to his unique skills to give him unique choices to put levels into, since right now game 2 lords and even non-legendary ones just destroy the dwarfs in unique skills so much so its incredibly sad to look at.

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I love CA, i play the game every day for hours on end, so this post came from my passion towards the race and specifically how badly Belegar has been butchered. Hopefully they have something planned for the upcoming dlc to mabye give a side-rework to badly designed legendary lord unique skills, to spice things up!. Also apologies for writing "Unique" so many times, might've sounded very repetitive towards the end.


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