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Blood Knights

So I just want to discuss the Blood Knights real quick, because I've been re-reading lore on them and their named characters.

Blood Knights is really a term for Vampire Knightly brotherhoods, some of which imitate human ones, and there are different orders of them. Abhorash was the progenitor of these Knights, but he's not the real leader of any order anymore.

In the lore:

Mallobaude has Black Grail Knights, so just Bretonnian armour, Black Grail heraldry, and of course they're vampires.

Edit: Knights of the Black Grail, not Black Graol Knights, they are both different things.

Wallach Harkon has the Blood Dragons, the Knights of Blood Keep. They are a one branch of the Blood Knights, they're the red Armoured boys we see in TWWH2.

The Vampire Coast have the Depth Guard, which we've seen and aren't mounted, "Blood Knights of the sea".

The von Carstein family have the Drakenhof Templars who should look something like this:

Or this

Vampirey armour wearing dudes with the Black, Red and maybe Green Sylvanian Heraldry. Not Blood Dragons.

The reason I bring this up, is that when the Red Duke, Abhorash, or Wallach Harkon are added, they're going to have a deficit of "Original" units, that are not just kitbashed or reskinned pre-existing units.

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So what I'm thinking is that whichever Lord is implemented at any point to lead/represent the Ordo Draconis, should be the only one who can use the current Blood Knights in TWWH, because those are in fact Blood Dragons, based on their appearance, who belonged to Wallach Harkon, and were only really found in Blood Keep, but were conscripted by Konrad von Carstein in the second Vampiric War.

In place of these Blood Dragons, the von Carsteins should get Drakenhof Templars, both mounted and dismounted (in reflection if the lore and because some actual vampire units would be beast) to replace them, and can only get Blood Dragons if they own the Blood Keep landmark in Nuln.

This would allow for the Red Duke/Wallach/Abhorash to be much more unique, with perhaps dismounted Blood Dragon units and several variants as these guys 100% fought on foot in the lore, as well as mounted of course.

As a separate idea, Blood Dragons should have another route for min/maxing, some kind of dilemma, campaign map interaction, "Having killed a Dragon" post battle upgrade, an actual battle they have to fight, or regiment of renown recruitment availability, that increases between battle replenishment, gives the unit regeneration, and makes them generally stronger.

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For Drakenhof Templars, they'd probably benefit from having and RoR version, and added tech/skill tree/trait buffs.

I just think that this would be a good way to alter Blood Knights to be lore friendly, and it would make the three possible Blood Dragon representatives more unique in roster and playstyle. The Red Duke is the most likely to be added sooner rather than later, Wallach as a Mortarch whenever/if ever Nagash comes, and Abhorash if ever/whenever VC get another DLC, if he doesn't end up being an LH.

But the Red Duke is currently in the game and he's just sat there, unplayable. He'd make a pretty good FLC IMO.


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