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CA’s actual comments on requiring a WH2 race in a WH2 DLC

Now that each of the four main Game 2 races has 6 LLs, a lot of people are suggesting more out-there combinations for DLCs, such as Vampire Counts vs Dwarfs, and the response to this is almost invariably that CA said they would only do DLCs that contain at least one WH2 LL.

The source given for this is a livestream, which I went back and had a listen to. They start talking about this just after 1hr 14mins (here's a link) and it goes on for about 2 mins, but here's a transcript:

Will: Someone's asking why the Skaven got updates with the Wood Elves instead of Beastmen. I don't think it would be fair to do two massive updates in the same pack. I don't think it would be possible, I don't think we'd do each race justice. So actually it kind of made sense to do Skaven because Skaven are in a pretty good place generally in terms of their underlying mechanics. But… yeah… we'll see what else happens <not clear – further down the line?>

Blondie: I mean, either we wouldn't do them justice or it would take twice as long, probably more than twice as long to do the DLC and it would cost more than twice as much.

Will: Exactly. And also it's probably quite important for us to have at least one, kind of, base Warhammer 2 race in a DLC pack, because otherwise you get into an awkward situation where it's like 'ooh, I bought the base game, but these characters are for races that I don't know what they are so…' yeah.

Blondie: Yeah yeah yeah, absolutely

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This is absolutely not an unequivocal statement that CA won't ever do a Lord Pack without using one of the base-game races from the same game. For starters, they didn't even begin with 'it's against our policy of X', they just fairly pointed out that doing up two races at once is too much for them.

On to the point itself, it's really not a strong statement, and seems more like they're saying that Wood Elves & Beastmen are a bit too fringe to work in that context.

And in the middle there's that tantalising statement from Will where he seems to be suggesting that there are future plans for Beastmen (which, let's face it, there have to be, we just don't know if they're WH2 plans or WH3 plans). This could also be referencing plans for WH3 to have DLCs including only races from earlier games – remember, the WH3 races are a lot less fleshed out, and they'll have 15 raves from previous games to bring in, making a new Kislev or Cathay character for each one could be a bit of a slog.

Having listened back to this, I think it's totally possible that we could see a Lord pack for game 2 with two game 1 races in it. Dwarfs vs. Vampire Counts would be fine, they're both headline races. Beastmen less so, but if they're against someone like Vampire Counts then maybe. Of course, they could just be planning something with Nagash, Vampire Counts & Tomb Kings.

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