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Case for “Superhuman”

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Grail knights, Blood Knights and Giant Slayers are iconic to their respective faction but the game doesn't do them justice as superhuman. These unit should be as strong as monstrous infantry/cav per individual model but right now they are just slightly more powerful variant of cav/slayer.

1st reason Lore Background

This is especially thematically problematic as dwarfs and bretonnia rely quite a lot on "superhuman" to help them fight monsters. That is their THEME. Lorewise, a single grail/blood knight and giant slayer should have no trouble killing a Minotaur or troll by themselves. They have to do this repeatedly to get to this "rank."

It also makes no sense for them to be as numerous as their weaker brethren(knight of the realm, black knight, slayer).

I am not asking them to be as strong as monstrous infantry per model wise, but at least make them more equal than right now.

2nd reason. Gameplay

I could mostly speak from multiplayer perspective. Monstrous infantry and cav have a lot of benefits that they have high HP per model to survive a lot better from spell and firepower, or from fighting, high Weapon Strength per model makes them amazing at killing low other low model count units, and great as support with other chaffs by embedding themselves with more numerous model units.

Bretonnia will have better ways to kill monsters and elite infantry. Bretonnia struggles dealing with monsters on top of powerful infantry as cavalry models gets killed while monsters do not, and bretonnian infantry cannot support enough. Grail knights with lower models will able to support and survive better in these scenarios.

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Vampire counts struggle against monsters as only their lord, terrorgheist and blood knight provide adequate anti large. Changing blood knight to lower model count will allow them to specialize in this role better

Dwarf- Dwarf struggle in dealing with fast monsters and chariots besides shooting that can be shut down quite easily. Having a stronger infantry option than current state will help them to diversify their options.

3rd reason, Faction identity

Of course more models usually means higher DPS in general, but I think it will be more beneficial to provide these 3 factions more elite units when they already have higher model count units to fill up the space right now ex. Knights of the realm/ror , slayer/slayer ROR, 3 variants of black knights.

Moving these units to 24 models for cav and 45 for giant slayers will be amazing. These model count numbers already have precedent to be very capable and usuable in the examples of demigryph knights and depth guards.

This opens up their faction to more options and variety, and further improve faction identity from other factions by making a stronger distinction of "eliteness". Only Empire has 24 model cavs but almost every faction has 45 models cavs. Only Vampire Coast has 45 model elite infantry, but there are a few other factions that have 60 models infantry ie black orcs/chosen.

So please CA.Shrink their model counts, increase their stats to make the units almost as strong as when they were 45/60 models and their price . Increase their mass so they can still hold down units or get away from enemy.

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