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Dark Elves and few things I don’t like about them

It's my favourite and most played faction. Here are some thoughts about their shortcomings.

Manticore gets no tech buffs. It's supposed to be aspect of Khaine and it can be used as a mount. Manticore is fun unit to use so it's shame it doesn't get same longevity in campaign as other units do.

Dreadlord is worse melee lord than Supreme Sorceress. It really falls short when it comes to battle abilities and campaign effects. I would like to see skills that buff Murderous Prowess (give full vigour, regen etc anything). There could also be a skill that augments Black Ark bombardment abilities, like removing cast time or something like this. Dreadlord should get martial name of power for free and then choose one from the remaining two. Martial names of power aren't that extreme.

Too many pointless units. Shades, Shades (dual weapons), Dark Riders (no shield), Dark Shards (no shield). I would like to see Shade variants being sidegrades because now you just recruit Shades (greatswords) since they are so much better. Normal one could have higher defence and dual weapons variant could have higher anti-infantry bonus. Minmaxing for the minmaxers. These could be adjusted via different techs so it wont mess mp balance. You simply dont need these lesser variants in campaign since DE gets end game units so fast so why not turn them in to sidegrades.

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Khainite assassin doesn't get martial name of power, yet they are the ones with most obvious ones in the lore. I think it's strange that they don't get any troop buffs either. Would go really well with his theme.

Black Arks are too powerful for the player and too weak for the AI. You simply get too many of them. AI doesn't use them to attack coastal settlements which is really disappointing, it would make High Elf campaigns much more interesting.

High Beastmaster is forced to take skill that buffs only Cold One units (Rapacious Predators) if you want to take monster buffing ones. This could be replaced with a skill that buffs monstrous and large units and moving Rapacious Predators as 4th optional skill. I mean why force people take stuff like this with already niche lord. High Beastmasters should also give Murderous Prowess for their monster units like Rakarth does, it would be fantastic thematic addition.

Dark Elf specific Traits are complete trash (except Spiteful).

Veteran skill for Corsair melee variant, Dark Riders melee variants and Doomfire warlocks only give speed buff. Why not add melee defence or something that these units actually need.

Tech tree has too many lackluster techs. The ones that give -5% recruitment discounts and such aren't needed at all. You dont need extra levels for standard units, they should be for heroes and lords. I think most techtrees should get some rebalancing, Vampire Counts being one of the worst one.

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Hellebron weapon quest is still bugged. It hurts my brain to even think about this.

And last but not least: Murderous Prowess. It's almost never active when I need it. Perhaps let player activate it manually when the bar reaches 50 %, but increase the amount of kills needed for automatic activation. Or just adjust the numbers, duration, kills needed etc. It just feels so pointless sometimes.


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