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DAVINCI’S MADNESS MOD IDEA (Machine Guns, Tanks, Repeating Cannons… and a lot more)

Content of the article: "DAVINCI’S MADNESS MOD IDEA (Machine Guns, Tanks, Repeating Cannons… and a lot more)"

***Godly weapons wielded by mortal men***

I have always been interested in time travel and historical speculation. The premise of this mod is to simulate what would happen if a faction during the middle ages suddenly got their hands on a small number of highly advanced units and technology. I also wanted to give purpose to mostly useless or rare units that exist in the base game.

How would they incorporate these new additions into their armies? How would they protect these prized inventions on the battlefield? Would their coffers buckle under the weight of upkeeping such advanced technology, thus making them ironically the cause of their failure? What would happen?

!!*Current features**!!*

Machine guns

There are four contraptions per unit. They will fire without reloading until their ammunition is spent, cutting down anything at a close range. Beware though, they take a while to turn so they are weak to flanking maneuvers and light cavalry.

Machine guns (WIP Davinci's Madness Mini-mod) : totalwar (

Repeating cannons

There are two contraptions per unit. These diabolic machines are able to fire shell after shell in a thunderous cacophony. They are great at taking out clumps of enemy infantry and other key units they might have. However, they sacrifice fire rate for usefulness against castle walls and their crew members are still mortal after all…

Repeating cannons (WIP Davinci's Madness Mini-mod) : totalwar (

Carpet bomber

There is one contraption per unit. This killing machine can fire an incessant rain of mortar shells upon an enemy formation, making cover irrelevant. It is the ultimate siege weapon and is able to rout entire armies on its own. Beware though, one cavalry charge or well-placed trebuchet shot and this machine will be destroyed just like any other.

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deletekeemstar (u/deletekeemstar) – Reddit

Rocket squads

These are a direct counter to the new contraptions that have appeared on the battlefields of Christendom. They are able to shoot balls of fire at incredible ranges, taking out Davinci's contraptions at a long distance, letting you slaughter the enemy army in a more conventional way with your other units.

Rocket Squad (WIP Davinci's Madness Mini-mod) : deletekeemstar (


These shock troops charge at enemies, hurling bombs. They then finish the burnt remnants off the enemy army, as their advanced light robes are somehow as resilient as full steel plate.

Advanced gunners

Depending on the faction, they will be able to train one of two types of units.

  1. Gunners covered in steel plates who are hardy in melee and who can shred enemies at a distance rivalling musketeers.

  2. Gunners who are much weaker in melee, but who fire actual volleys at longer distances than musketeers

Custom trench warfare battle scenarios

I currently have three hand-made maps and five or so scenarios. I plan to add some more in the future.

O'ER THE TOP WE GO! (Ww1 mashup) : totalwar (

CUSTOM WW1 MAP (fully functional for multiplayer) : totalwar (

!!*Work in progress features and ideas**!!*

The codex

A magical relic (like the ones in the Crusades DLC) that will allow you to train advanced units. Factions will fight fiercely for this item, so there will be a new focus alongside the conquering of Jerusalem.

Davinci's prototype tank

I am currently working on this. I will replace an elephant with a custom model (an edited mesh of the battering ram), give it massive hp buffs and make it shoot explosive shells or greek fire as well as being able to trample enemies.

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The mangonel death machine

This one will toss a blanket of (up to you guys) flaming arrows? javelins? shrapnel?

Please let me know what you guys think.

Balancing the gameplay

For balance, all of these units require a relic (DaVinci's codex) to train. They are also very expensive to train and upkeep. They take a long time to repair, making defending these contraptions with conventional units a massive priority, as losing a single carpet bomber or tank could mean losing an entire war.

Custom settlement plans

I might be able to edit citadels with trench emplacements and raised platforms for contraptions. I might also make custom stone forts that facilitate the use of contraptions and other advanced units.


Will be set in the crusades campaign for now, as it has many crucial features needed for my mod (relics, greek fire, mangonels, factions with crude-looking gunners for the steampunk-ish feel). I have a Grand campaign port, but it lacks quite a few of these units and would be more of a place to mess around.

Big thanks to Gigantus for his resources and help

Let me know what you guys think,

Lancel8 (the creator of this mod, me)


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