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Don’t know what the Ogre Kingdoms are, or curious what they might bring? This wall of text is for you!

Due to the positive reception of my previous lore post devoted to the Daemons of Chaos, I've decided to create a similar lore-filled write-up on the Ogre Kingdoms. Furthermore, thanks to the magic of Kislevite Russian websites, I can freely consult the 8th Edition Ogre Kingdoms Army Book to add some crunchy bits (which will be in bold) to this mound of fluff. That being said, the many people on this sub more well-versed in lore and tabletop mechanics than I are free to correct me, which I'll incorporate into this post. It'll only improve with age! And with that…

General Stuff

The Ogres were a last-ditch attempt by the Old Ones to create an anti-Chaos race. They're big, bold, and extremely mutation-resistant. They're also hungry. Very, very, very hungry. Their culture is focused around acquiring food; their signature lore of magic requires offal to function; and Ogres are so protective of their bellies they use special armor called gutplates to protect them. But why, though?

In very ancient times, when the Ogres lived in prosperity on the lush eastern steppes, eating whatever they wanted. However, they started to eat Cathayan peasants, which made the Dragon Emperor none too pleased. In a display of dominance that puts T-posing Red Dukes to shame, he used his cool dragon magic to cast the mother of all Comet of Cassandoras. A big fuckoff worm meteorite (or maybe it was a normal space rock, any scholar that tries to investigate becomes lunch) hit the steppe, wiped out the majority of the Ogres, and made the rest cursed with insatiable hunger. Mr. Space Worm (or not, see above) took residence in the crater it left, becoming the city-sized Great Maw. The Maw was first found by the first Butcher and Ogre prophet Groth One-Finger, by the way.

The Ogres who survived the blast fled west into the mountains, where they found cool Pleistocene ripoffs and, more importantly, the Sky-Titans: badass ancestors of the Giants who had sky castles and

Sadly, they were all eaten by the Ogres, and after some unfortunate circumstances, the Sky-Titans devolved into the lumpy drunks we all know and love.

After that, the Ogres went a bit more west into the ranges and valleys of the Mountains of Mourn, and have stayed there since. Well, except for the many Ogres who do mercenary work abroad, since they make bank and are exposed to exotic new flavors.

Special Tabletop Quirks

Ogre charges do more hits on enemies, and can deal more max damage. The special gauntlets Ogres wear also allow them to parry easier and have the benefits of shields when riding on their mounts of choice.

Lore of the Great Maw

The Ogres' signature spell lore, cast by Butchers using the power of the Maw, with random meaty bits as the conduit. The Lore Attribute, Bloodgruel, gives the casters a chance to heal and decrease miscast chance after each cast. Then again, they could get hurt after each cast too!

As for the spells, there's a magic missile in Bonecrusher; a melee attack augment in Bullgorger (with AoE if overcast); a defense augment in Toothcracker (again, AoE overcast); a leadership debuffer in Braingobbler; the ability to grant Regeneration in Trollguts (AoE overcast, you know the drill); and a circular direct damage spell in The Maw, with a bigger area if overcast.

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Generic Lords/Heroes

Tyrants are the biggest and baddest Ogres of the tribe. Much like Orcs, the biggest is the boss, and any problems with management are resolved by duels to the death. In Ogres, though, the loser gets eaten by the winner. Nice! Bruisers are their seconds-in-command, and are as much a fear-inducing melee beatstick as their bosses.

Butchers (with Slaughtermasters being the lord variant) are the wizards, shamans, and chefs of the Ogres. They always have some sort of meaty bits dangling off their person, in case their fellows need dinner or magic. They're also self-mutilating weirdoes, since the most convenient place to put all that meat is on hooks. Through their skin. Yuck. Their choice of lores is Heavens, Beasts, Death, or Great Maw.

Hunters are loners who wander the mountains and fond of Sabertusks as hunting companions. This makes them edgy furries. They have throwing spears, too. I anticipate them being turned into a beast-boosting anti-large hero much like the Packmaster, but that's just me.

Last, but certainly not least, are the Firebellies. The vagabond prophets of the sacred volcano known as the Firemouth, Firebellies are selected with a ceremony straight out of that cage scene in Temple of Doom. Users of the Lore of Fire (duh), they can cook food and enemies alike, and also come with fire resistance and a baked-in breath attack. They're also my pick for the best life to live in all of Warhammer Fantasy. Fight me.

Standard Troops + Distant Cousins

Gnoblars are a Goblin subspecies with a round nose and a comparative lack of ambition. Their role in Ogre society is that of slave labor and, in war, an expendable tarpit. There's some bizzaro variants like the Honcho and Trappers, but only expect those to arrive if CA starts scraping at the bottom of the barrel for DLC tidbits.

Bulls are the bog-standard, everyman Ogre. They cause fear and can turn enemies into a bloody splotch with their charge. A step above them are the Ironguts, cronies of the Tyrant. Owners of heavy plate and a gritty disposition, they're bad news for any opponent.

Leadbelchers form the missile core of the Ogre army, and are amazing. The Ogre equivalent of a "handgun" is a looted cannon stuffed with pointy scrap, and aimed at a tantalizingly tight cluster of state troops. Predictably, Leadbelchers are also great in melee. After all, would you want to be whacked by an iron tube swung by a muscle-man the size of a car?

Maneaters are

, and have absolutely PIMPIN' outfits. I'm talking "pirate hats and multicolored feathers" levels of pimpin'. The cool thing about Maneaters on tabletop is that they can choose two traits from a list of eight to apply to the unit. Poison immune, vanguard Ogres? Deadeyed, terrain-ignoring Ogres? Nothing's

There are also two different subspecies/friends of Ogrekind. Gorgers are what happens when a baby the Spartans threw out resorts to cannibalism, spelunking, and eating magic uranium. They're fucking nuts: frenzy, unbreakable, good at ambushing, the whole works. More refined are the copyright-distinct Yhetees™, who help Ogres for mysterious reasons (i.e. for the memes). They're basically fast yetis with huge icicle shivs. While they're weak to fire attacks, they ignore terrain penalties, have magic attacks, and debuff melee attack around them. Frosty!

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Sabertusks are 'roided-up sabertooth tigers. That's more or less it. Expect an "elite" hound unit similar to Razorgors or White Lions, I suppose.

Mournfang Cavalry are Ogres riding on the titular, ugly Ice Age things. Taming one requires repeated and precise delivery of brain damage. Heavily armored, devastating on the charge, and thicc, these rhino-boar-oxen are wrecking balls on legs.

Ogres can also bring Giants. All those dead Sky-Titans must feel a world of disappointment seeing their descendants help the species who ate them out… of house and home. How embarrassing.

"Fine, but can Ogres field a unit that puts Stegadons to shame?" Of course, silly, but I'm glad you asked. Stonehorns have a skeleton and a diet composed entirely of rock. No, they don't shit gemstones, you have to wait for the damn things to die before you snag the gems from its bones. They have a bloodlust that makes Khorne blush, and taming one requires you to play chicken until you can poke out its eye. While it's running at you. Good luck. Its tabletop incarnation sports heavy armor and the ability to half all potential damage dealt to it, which makes it a tough son of a gun to take down.

The other scary monster is the Thundertusk, which looks like a mammoth sans trunk. They used to live all over the world, until those damn Old Ones put jungles everywhere. Their method of hibernating through warm spells involves sealing themselves in a glacier. When it's time to wake up, their mere flexing shatters the glacier.

A bit like a combo of Stonehorns and Yhetees in terms of roles, they sport mean armor and debuff the speed and attack of enemies in melee. The also carry a cadre of harpoon-shooting Ogres, and can fire spheres of ice energy like a catapult. Seriously, why have you not bought Warhammer III yet?


Both Ogre artillery pieces make use of burly, tusked heaps of fur called Rhinoxes (I see what you did, Games Workshop) to haul 'em. Scraplaunchers are an elegant solution to the problem of too many human, Dwarf, etc. weapons clogging up Ogre camps. Just throw them in a catapult, and fire! Sadly, they're made and maintained by Gnoblars, which means they're liable to stab the poor Rhinox in the ass or implode.

Ironblasters only explode some of the time, and that's because they're much better made, since they're old Sky-Titan cannons. They operate like shotguns, but swap out pathetic pellets for cannonballs. Hell. Yes.

Legendary Lords/Heroes

Greasus Goldtooth is the fattest Ogre in the world. He gained control over the majority of Ogrekind after repelling a Black Orc WAAGH! at the foot of the Firemouth by squeezing the Orc boss like a tube of toothpaste until he no longer resembled an Orc. Nowadays, rich from taxation of trade routes, he lounges on a carpet carried by a swarm of Gnoblars, though he's no slouch in battle. On the table, he can bribe an enemy unit into acting stupid at the beginning of each enemy turn, which is, frankly, hilarious. Also, his crown gives him a ward save and has an area of Immune to Psych, while his staff deals extra wounds and has a huge Strength ranking.

Golgfag Maneater is the mercenary to end all mercenaries. He began his rise to fame by eating every other one of his fellow inmates (except 80% of his bestie) in the dungeons of Karak Kadrin, which Ungrim Ironfist thought was so cool he had Golgfag released. After that, to quote the Army Book, he "has won countless battles, looted upon the sacred island of Ulthuan, set eyes upon ruinous Skavenblight and survived, guzzled more kegs of Bugman's XXXXXX than most Dwarfs have even seen, and been personally decorated by Emperor Karl Franz." Ungrim was right, Golgfag is pretty cool. Table-wise, he can head his own regiment of Maneaters (can you say "regiment of renown"?), and has a chance to get extra magic items before the battle.

In contrast to the merry escapades of Golgfag, we have Bragg the Gutsman, arguably the edgiest character in all of Warhammer Fantasy. He's a creepy loner who acts as an executioner, using the most pants-shittingly terrifying method of killing known to Ogres: disembowelment. His preferred tool is the Great Gutgouger, a scythe on a chain that gives him boosts in duels against enemy heroes, and scares nearby enemy units if he wins.

Last but not least is Skrag the Slaughterer, the Ogre Pope. After being de-handed and left for dead by his own tribe, Skrag covered his stumps in hooks and cleavers, chained his magic Butcher cauldron to his back, got a bunch of Gorger groupies, and

On the table, he uses the Lore of the Great Maw, and his Cauldron of the Great Maw gives progressively more powerful boosts to him and any Gorgers in the army depending on how many models he's killed (regen, melee attack buffs, Unbreakable, and so on).


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