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Every lore of magic rated by how cool they look (except for the lore of vampires which I kinda forgot…)

Content of the article: "Every lore of magic rated by how cool they look (except for the lore of vampires which I kinda forgot…)"

Note: As a general rule, buff/debuff and direct damage spells are nothing special to write about, so it will be mostly vortices and winds in here.

Lore of Metal: Golden good bois look great, but they were shamelessly copied by Orion (and bound to an elven item), which made them a little less unique. Searing Doom looks the part. Solid lore, but not great: 3/5.

Lore of Death: The only spell worth mentioning is the Purple Sun of Xereus which is kinda meh as far as vortex go. Nice coulours though (black/purple). Not much to see here: 1/5.

Lore of Fire: Gigantic flaming skull? Fire storm? Check and check (even if the storm is a little on the underwhelming side). Piercing Bolts of Burning is a nice addition, and the Fireball is a staple of magic in any fantasy setting. Solid lore:5/5.

Lore of Beasts: the big one in this lore is an invocation, which is not that visually impressive. Other than that, we have the Amber Spear which is a small arrow (not even a real spear!). Disappointing 1/5.

Lore of Heavens: Lightning bolts! Making a comet fall from the sky! This lore smells like power. Minor disappointment: Chain Lightning doesn't look like chain lightning. I'd like it to be changed from a vortex to a direct damage spell we can see jump from entity to entity. Nonetheless, it's a good one: 4/5.

Lore of Shadows: Pit of Shades looks like a real portal to the void, but the best looking one is Penumbral Pendulum, although it would benefit to be a little slower. I rate this one 4/5.

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Lore of Life: Lots of buff/debuff there, but I like that Dwellers Below has physical (and not ethereal) trees hammering on enemies. It's not enough to score a 3, but it allows the lore to avoid a 1: 2/5.

Lore of Light: Banishment is too simple and too widespread (everyone and their uncle got it as a bound spell) to redeem the lore that gave us the net of Amyntok: sad little spiderwebs thrown by what must be a depressive Spider-Man. Shem's Burning gaze looks cool for a projectile. 2/5.

Lore of the Wild: As always (minotaurs charge notwithstanding), the Beastmen are underwhelming. Best looking spell is a cygor invocation, and while I respect they took the time to animate it emerging from the ground, to me it's just an animation, not magic. Bad: 1/5.

Lore of Dark Magic:Edgy whirlwind made of swords and pink eye of sauron throwing doombolt are on point with the dark elves theme. Goofy skulls from soul stealers reminds us that DE are just sad teens. 4/5.

Lore of the Big Waaagh!: Foot of Gork is a gigantic orc T-posing and stomping troops. Nuff' said. 4/5.

Lore of the Little Waaagh!: Curse of Da Bad Moon, while less impressive than Foot Of Gork, is a funny speel that goes well with goblins. 3/5.

Lore of High Magic: Fiery Convocation has a phoenix posing looking badass and then proceed to burn everything in is path. Tempest, while rarely seen, is really well done. Soul Quench looks powerful. 5/5.

Skaven's Lores: I'm grouping those. Eshin got some really nice smoke effects, and Plague is a well done discount Foot of Gork. But the best one is obviously Warp Lightning. It looks as good as it is, but it's got a little something more: sound design. The slow build-up of power that erupts in an explosion causing the death of 95% of your ironbreaker unit (I learned to hate that sound with a white-hot intensity). 4/5 (could have gone for 5, but I hate skavens).

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Lore of Nehekara: Skullstorm looks a little cheap, but it's to be expected when you reuse the DE goofy skulls. Good point for Usirian's Incantation of Vengeance which has a nice little animation for a direct damage spell. 2/5.

Lore of the Deep: my favorite one, the gold standard by which every other lore should be judged. Tidecall is the only breath worth mentionning, and Vargheist's Revenge looks terrifying. Imagine a whole ghost boat emerging from the ground, shooting all of its cannons at you! Even the invocations are aesthetically pleasing : units emerge from an exploding orb of water. Best looking lore: 6/5.

Some special spells:

Arnzipal's Black Horror : Dark tentacles of black smoke devastating your ennemies is always a good fit for a DE sorceress.

Shield of the Old Ones: Unique in his category, it's impressive but I'd like to see it really block projectiles.

Deliverance of Itza: Honestly? Disappointing. While the spell is more than effective, I would have liked something a little more grandiose.

Full gallery:

EDIT: Forgot the invocation of Sotek. Mighty, impressive, but sadly tied to one of the most boring lords, and you need to grind to unlock it. I'm pretty sure a lot of players didn't see it.


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