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Fk I hate the Normans

Content of the article: "Fk I hate the Normans"

So I was playing as Wessex in ToB for some fun till AC Valhalla releases, and just in general having a fun time. Ill detail what was fun till the apocalypse happened.

  1. Mercia became my military ally in 3 turns, so when he declared war on East Anglia 5 turns later I could go to war with them without having to wait 12 more turns!
  2. Wales was stupid as all hell, so I could steamroll all of Wales in 9 turns with 3 full stacks
  3. My vassals never seceded, that is my welsh vassals except for Cerneu
  4. Northumbria was at war with scortland so I could ally with them early on.

All of that was fun till this happened. So i get the ultimate victory prompt as i have before, BTW I have won ultimate victory as Wessex 3 times already so thats fun I guess and then the prompt appears for the massive viking fleets, so as usual I prepare to defend my NORTHERN, emphasis on Northern, border, because I didnt know there was a Norman invasion fleet, I only thought it was the Denes and that other one. So with Alfred and my heir Eadweard in the north with 1 extra full stack, I was waiting for the fleet.

Then it happened.

The Normaunds have arrived in the south of Britannia.

I was absolutely Pissed, emphasis on Pissed.

So with only 3 full stacks in the south of brittannia, I went into full gamer sweat mode, one of the full stacks are under siege by 2 doomstacks of Welsh and the next turn that one was gone. The other 2 were on the way to deal with the problem, but they were fresh recruits, only trained to garrison my southern borders against the Irish. So 1 was already in Wintanceaster and the other in Aethilingaeg, I was not ready for the next part. 6 Doom stacks, SIX!!!!!!, gold tier, and everything. Then I rushed Alfred and Eadweard down south with only 1 full stack in the north to defend against Northumbria.

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Werham was first to fall, next was Wintanceaster, luckily it had a lvl 5 garrison. So I was able to hold out against 2 attacks on winchester but I knew it could only last so long. Alfred arrived with Edward being diverted to defend against Gwined and its Irish reinfrocements.

So then the Denes arrive, luckily they are focused on Northumbria and not me, but after turning off my pc for the night the situation is this, Alfred is teetering on the edge of death with only 13 units left facing 2 full stacks, and only 3 extra full stacks in all of england, and im in economical downturn, YAY!!!! SUCCESS…



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