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Furious Wilds is now 2 months old today! I wanted to celebrate by sharing a list of some bugs that can still affect your campaigns!

Content of the article: "Furious Wilds is now 2 months old today! I wanted to celebrate by sharing a list of some bugs that can still affect your campaigns!"

Since we have absolutely no idea when we will get more fixes to 3K and 0 communication other than trying to market for their troy dlc from CA I thought it'd be great to list a few bugs that can affect the game play of your campaigns in 3K. I was further motivated to post this as I was affected by yet another one playing this morning. Enjoy.

1.) Liu Hong has lost his ability to diplomatically annex a subject via political influence in diplomacy, he can now only annex city by city once he reaches 3 tiers of dynasty influence. Furthermore, his warlord influence says "+X% increased replenishment for allies" simple right? No, it doesn't affect your allies armies in their own territories nor does it affect them when they are in your territory. It actually does nothing.

2.) Did you save that elephant ancillery from an event or your reforms for later? Well guess what ancillaries are still disappearing randomly. You can see it in your inventory then after clicking end turn it will completely vanish once you are able to check again!

3.) Want to win duels as nanman super easy? Well tigers can interfere with duels with no downsides. Simply initiate the duel and release some tigers and the unfortunate enemy lord will be unable to handle the duel with tigers mauling his or her ass.

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4.) Wei Yan, Xun You, and Li Ru are all tagged as "nanman cavalry" making them completely useless in battles that are snowing. Lowering their speed and melee evasion to abysmal levels. This is especially painful for Wei Yan being a champion.

5.) Liu Chong's Silk Tassel trophy is not counting your spear infantry at the start of the turn. GOTCHA its counting JI infantry and DOUBLE GOTCHA, it actually does give a reduction to spear infantry upkeep like it actually says.

6.) The yellow bandit building that gives +diplomatic relations with other factions actually does not give any diplomatic relations becoming a virtually worthless branch of that building tree.

7.) Want to declare your intentions via the dilemma as yuan shu? Well all those bonuses look great except the +25 to vassal diplomacy doesn't work, meaning your vassals will get a total of -45 base diplomacy from your factions influence bar and the declare your intention dilemma. This makes holding on to your vassals a real ball ache. 🙂

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8.) Hey Liu Biao's 190 start is still not working correctly as he does not get Huang Zu or Cai Mao's cooperation bonus to his governance meter. Making his 190 start so much slower. BTW he got it prior to furious wild and he gets in from Huang Zu in 194.

9.) Speaking of vassals if you sign peace with someone and then they declare war on your vassal YOU STILL GET TREACHERY. Game play with vassals is still an enormous a pain because of this.

10.) Want to defend a gate without being inside it? Well the enemy army can WALK THROUGH THE GATE TO ATTACK YOUR ARMY BEHIND IT. It's great to see the gate working for it's intended purpose.

I think I'll leave it here at a round 10. Anyway, I can't wait for us to get a new dlc in several months so that some of these might get fixed! CA's patching policy is simply the best. Have a great day.

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