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So a SomethingAwful user named Cythereal posted some possible WH3 leaks that they in turn cited as coming from a Discord. Take these with a pinch of salt:

Chaos Campaign/s:

The daemons are initially confined to the Realms of Chaos in the far north, with a limited ability to generate armies elsewhere via rituals (representing Chaos cults), until they establish dominance over the other daemon factions, at which point the Undivided folks show up and you can leave the Chaos Wastes. The mood for Kislev is supposed to be tense and feeling like you're constantly under siege as you try to deal with the Warriors of Chaos and Norsca before the daemons come pouring out of the north to reinforce their mortal slaves. Each daemon faction has a daemon character for their LL, but then also an associated legendary hero – Valkia as Khorne's legendary hero, for example.


Saw another rumor/supposed leak on discord, from the same person who supposedly leaked how the daemon factions will work. Grain of salt etc, but this is at least speculation about Kislev:

  1. Kislev's campaign is meant to feel like a survival mode. Kislev's campaign is simply defeating Chaos in all its forms and reclaiming all of Kislev's territory.
  1. Kislev will get stacking diplomatic bonuses with the Order races for each Chaos faction they're at war with, with bigger bonuses for Warriors of Chaos and Daemons. In addition, a whole section of Kislev's tech tree is dedicated to diplomacy and getting help, divided into three tiers. Easy: Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarfs. Medium: High Elves, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Cathay. Hard: Dark Elves, Greenskins, Undead in all flavors.

  2. There's probably going to be a General Winter effect in Kislev that Chaos is immune to until Chaos is defeated, to discourage non-Chaos factions from invading Kislev.

  3. CA is experimenting with a sort of vengeance meter for Kislev that makes Kislev angrier and fight harder the more of their territory is held by invaders, but CA's not sure this can be balanced well. Per a senior designer: "Kislev does not break and will never surrender. Kislev can only be destroyed, and they will go down fighting to their last breath."


Latest grist from the rumor mill, this time concerning Cathay:

  1. Cathay's campaign is meant to mostly take place on the eastern side of the map as they deal with threats close to home before heading west to fight Chaos.
  1. GW and CA want something much more fantastical than TW:3K. Lizardmen were specifically cited as the kind of 'order/good guys, but dominated by fantastical elements' rather than humans-with-extra like Empire, Bretonnia, Kislev, etc are perceived to be. Emphasis looking to be human soldiers such as chu-ko-nu and rocket batteries supporting a mythical front line. Expect powerful magic and ranged capabilities, melee likely to be defensive and meant to serve as the anvil for Cathay's ranged power.

  2. Cathay's internal mechanics are going to be an 'Imperial Court' where your favor and disfavor with different factions will grant bonuses and penalties of varying sorts.

  3. CA is looking at the possibility of a Cathay horde faction to represent an expeditionary force with more of a Mongol-era flavor, but may not be in at launch. Possibly a campaign-only mechanic or a post-launch LL.

edit: more

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And for what it's worth, here's what the guy on discord who sent the earlier rumors/supposed leaks said is the last bits of info he's seen:

  1. Ogres and Chaos Dwarfs are GW's primary focus after Kislev, Cathay, and Daemons. One will be the preorder bonus, the other will be in as regular DLC.

  2. Dogs of War are being looked at as super Regiments of Renown or possibly entire mercenary armies you can hire rather than playable factions with Legendary Lords. CA is concerned that the map is too crowded with factions and LLs as it is, and wants to focus on expanding things east to the new areas of TW3 rather than continuing to fill up existing areas.

  3. Norsca and Tomb Kings have been targeted for overhauls post-launch. For Norsca, they're looking at integrating Vampire Coast mechanics to reflect the explorer/raider theme – possibly getting added to Wulfrik, but they're looking at a new LL who might not even be associated with Chaos at all. Tomb Kings they feel are basically fine, but think haven't gotten much love since they were released and ancient mummies deserve love, too. No firm ideas yet as to what might change or be added.

  4. Long term, CA and GW are tentatively looking at Ind, but nothing's been done but some very rough concept sketches of tiger riding cavalry, war elephants, and multi-armed giants.

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