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(Guide) How the Court works in TW3K

Content of the article: "(Guide) How the Court works in TW3K"

I originally searched for answers on how the Court and Minister system works in TW3E, I even asked in the sub-reddit but there didn't seem to be any consensus among the user base (original post). So i decided to do my own testing by using satisfaction, public opinion and corruption to test and validate.

Court (see here)

  1. Faction Ruler: The faction leader and their heir. The heir can be their biological son or daughter or their adopted child.
  2. Upper Court: Part of the ruling body, this position consists of only the Prime Minister who is not part of the Faction Council.
  3. Lower Court: Ministerial positions which give a unique effect depending on the position and form your Faction Council (gives missions).
  4. Administrators: The administrators govern your commanderies with unique effects. Characters with "ambitious" Personal Trait will desire independence to form their own faction.

Imperial Court (see here)

  1. Faction Ruler: Same as above.
  2. Upper Imperial Court: The Prime Minister role was abolished with the creation of the Empire, as such the Lower Court (above) was adopted to form the Upper Imperial Court. With the creation of the Empire; the Faction Council was disbanded (no more missions).
  3. Lower Imperial Court: These are brand new positions for your Ministers to replace the previous Lower Court.
  4. Administrators: Same as above.

Faction Wide Effects (see here)

  1. Name Traits: These are the effects which are associated to the Named Title that each minister possesses; should not be confused with the optional titles that can be given to each minister.
  2. Personal Traits: These are the effects which ministers start with and can earn new effects throughout their life (see here)).
  3. Minister Position Effect: These are the effects which are unique to each minister if they become a Faction Ruler or a minister in the Upper Court / Upper Imperial Court only.
  4. Post Position Effect: Each post (ruler/heir/minister/administrator) has a unique effects for the entire faction if a minister is assigned to it. (Not labelled in the screenshot).
    1. Example: Grand Commandant is -10% recruitment cost (faction-wide).
  5. Administrator Position Effect: Each minister will have an effect granted upon them based on their Expertise stat. Increase the stat to increase the effect. (Not labelled in the screenshot).
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How Does It All Work?

  • Faction Ruler & Upper Court: These positions benefit from the following…
    • Name Traits
    • Personal Traits
    • Minister Position Effect
    • Post Position Effect.
  • Lower Court: These positions only benefit from Post Position Effect. The ministers benefit from satisfaction increases if they desire a higher position.
  • Administrators:
    • Ministers assigned to this position will be assigned to a commandry. This means that if the commandry is attacked, they will serve as a defensive force against the attackers.
      • Deploy the minister/generals army, rally the retinue that you want and recall the retinue to ensure that the units you want will be the defenders but also that your upkeep is 0.
      • Increase the Expertise stat as much as possible.
    • Administrator positions benefit from static effects:
      • +1 available army (faction-wide)
      • +15% income from all sources (administered commandry)
      • -30% corruption (administered commandry)
    • Administrator positions benefit from the Administrator Position Effect which as mentioned previously is directly related and scaled with the ministers Expertise stat.
    • Last but not least, they benefit from any administered commandry Personal Traits (not faction-wide).
  • Assignments: The Ministers effects will not be known until the minister is part of your Noble Court; meaning you need to recruit them and they can't be a candidate. You need to go to the Assignments Menu to see their available assignments (effects). These last for 15 turns at a time.

I hope this post helps newer players, I struggled to find any of this information when i was playing as the game does a bad job of teaching you some of the finer details and there aren't any good guides or videos.

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If you disagree with anything i posted, please post a screenshot to back up your argument because I've seen a lot of he/she said situations when it comes to questions like "How does the court work?".

Thanks guys 😀


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