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Hard disagree with zerkovich on his new maps video

Well while I usually wouldn't make a post for this, it would bother me a lot if these "complaints" (which are not really ones but you get me) reached CA's hears and they were like "oh ok, so you don't like maps with elevations and different features, we won't do them again like these". Zerkovich talks from the point of view of a man who plays in multiplayer so he doesn't like the trees and the advantages some factions could get from the layout of these maps. But the game already has a huuuuge pletora of flat maps with little to no features and the same are always used in multiplayer with still a lot of variety. It's not like he needs those maps for mp and forests are forests, I like them to be there and I don't mind them, I might even use them. To tell you the truth I would even personally take some new maps that take the same principles from these new maps and crank them up to eleven, more unbalance in some of the campaign maps can really save you or give you a hard time, of course it's all a matter of how often these come up, and obviously for sieges things should be unbalanced anyway.

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Feel free to disagree if you want, this post is mostly to get this type of opinion out and if you feel like zerk then say so.

EDIT: one thing I both disagree and agree with is his tree stump idea, he says wood elves should see trees as tree stumps to reflect they see better in forests, of course the trees would still be trees but I don't like the option of not seeing the forest if I play would elves and make it look like the skaven took it all for timber. However I do think it is a good idea as a graphical option just so you can see better if you want to when you issue orders because it's true it can be daunting in certain maps, but have it for everyone as an option if you truly want to.

EDIT N°2: I don't say that to antagonize zerkovich or the mp community and I don't want them to feel antagonized, if it came across as conflicutal, it's just my way of wording things. Zerkovich is actually my favorite total war youtuber, and I'm not saying that to make you feel like my opinion is made of solid marble and gold pearls, no it's really the case, he taught me multiplayer and you should check him out if you wanna try because I garantee mp is a fun part of the game you might be missing on.

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