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Having completed most WH campaigns on VH, I have found Norsca to be by FAR the hardest. Thoughts?

Content of the article: "Having completed most WH campaigns on VH, I have found Norsca to be by FAR the hardest. Thoughts?"

Everyone said the old abandoned races from WH1 were extremely difficult or, at the least, an extreme chore to play. I beat Norsca, WoC, BM and WE all on VH back in WH1 and hadn't touched them yet in WH2 due to the bad reputation. Lately, I've been grinding on these campaigns. Beastmen, WoC and Wood Elves most definitely stick out like sore thumbs compared to any other New World race but in my opinion are leagues better than Norsca.

Just one example is the Vampire Coast hybrid hoard being able to encamp and upgrade no matter how much movement speed is left. Compare that to Beastmen or WoC who need a whopping 25% movement left to do anything productive or even heal is absurd.

But with all that being said, I found the above campaigns tedious yet completely doable. You can get absurd Dragon Ogre Spam as Kholek for effectively no money. Every WoC unit is tanky anyway. Beastmen have a fantastic roster that only antique and cheap campaign mechanics (Blood Moon stuff) hold back.

Wood Elves are severely hamstrung by lack of defensible territory outside of Athel Loren but the Amber Mechanic, though annoying as hell, becomes trivialized with Order Tide alliances.

Norsca, however, is by FAR the most pain in the ass campaign I've ever played. What are the fun features of a norsca campaign?

-NO Walls on any settlement, ever!

-Auto Resolve that greatly undervalues your units, so the AI will be really eager to march across the entire literal planet, through Chaos Wastes, Vampire wastes and near every single one of their enemies undefended houses straight to your inhospitable village in the middle of nowhere.

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-Early Tier units are not good, and the baby sitting you need to defend your territory long enough to ever recruit decent units is long, and tedious.

-You have the economy of a horde, but no actual horde!

-Minmaxing as much as humanly possible with upkeep reductions still makes a Mammoth Spam army (the most viable army Norsca has) extremely poor economically. And the amount of enemies you will be facing non-stop the world over makes it so wasting my time with any other unit seemed pointless. I must have fought 100 or more of the exact same late game VC stack turn after turn after turn and would have only been possible with mammoth spam and ambush stance.

-The original map did not have belligerent elves to your west and it most certainly did not have the order tide crusade, who have ZERO regard for Chaos attrition coming in and taking over all of Norsca solely and entirely just to piss YOU, the player off (seriously, the Anti-Player bias is most clear when you see the ease with which the entire world crusades in the most economically worthless, inhospitable land in the game and faces no meaningful setbacks from it)

-Only able to make useful settlements outside of Norsca in the major capitals of the world, usually owned by mega blob world powers.

Thoughts on the Norsca campaign as it stands in ME, 2020? I SO wanted to love it, I wanted to be a Norscan raider sailing the high seas and plundering coastal settlements, raiding, and dueling legendary leaders for their traits and hunting monsters. Instead, when I achieved the victory conditions I had 3 settlements total and had lost the majority of my fights (since most were settlements being taken) while my main stacks just razed city after city with no meaningful results besides enough money to keep the process going. Eventually you hit the victory conditions doing this (though I RUSHED hard to delete Reikland and Couronne within 30 turns to prevent what would probably be an impossible order tide confederation spam) Biggest pain in the ass in my life.

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