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Hero nerf mod is a godsend to historical total fans.

Content of the article: "Hero nerf mod is a godsend to historical total fans."

Man this mod is something I've always wanted since release amidst many hero buff mods that were released. It's pity it came out after 600 hours of Three Kingdoms playtime for me.

This mod does 2 things yet those are all great changes and achieve many things.

1.Heroes HP's been nerfed to 50%, strategists to 67%.

-Heroes die quicker and you need to use them for crucial moments and combats only.

-It's (albeit just a little) harder to snipe enemy strategists with your heroes.

-battle formations are far more important. Your battlefield becomes less of a mess and more of an organized warfare as it was in previous historical total wars.

  1. All weapon damages halved.

-The reliance on weapons is somewhat reduced(which is better than Vanilla's level 1 clone beating level 10 Lu Bu with weapon differences)

-Heroes damage output is much lower.

-Heroes can't easily demolish unit formations any longer.

-reliance of skills(which retains the same damage) and timing is more important

With this mod you'll see level 1 clone heroes without any items unable to even 1-shot generic soldiers, just stunning multiple infantry enemies he is engaged in with a swing. This makes their ability usage and morale boost far more important than it was previously. You commit your hero as a great warrior when and where needed, not as some superhuman capable of killing hundreds whereever you throw them.

In vanilla, formations and positions are pretty much nullified since your heroes can stomp everywhere(let's not talk about unhorsed mechanics; you can just circumvent it. If you can't avoid it, it's your lack of control not heroes' having a huge vulnerability) and chomp down on enemy strategists with ease no matter where they are positioned because heroes in vanilla are literal superhuman tanks of the ancient world. I hated that and felt it detracts of ROTK feelings that I wanted from the game. People usually reply with go play Romance mod but single entity heroes don't necessarily mean they have to be super humans.

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In the novel heroes kill in tens of rarely in hundreds out of some hundreds of thousands soldiers clashing on the battlefield. Their martial prowess alone doesn't win them wars. In 3K total war? Heros kill a thousand out of 2.5 thousands soldiers in the entire battlefield which is insanely arcade-like and unfaithful to the novel if you think about it. They are far, far more overpowered than their ROTK novel counterpart. 3k is more akin to Dynasty Warriors, which I sincerely dislike, than the ROTK novel.

Since clones rarely kill above 100, I now appreciate clone heroes more as great warriors rather than some cold blooded killing machines. I use a mod that also greatly reduces clone spawns so like 90% of my in-game clones are now historical characters marked with Far-Eastern Move mod and biography mod, and they all have unique looks thanks to puzzle 3D and MTU. If an enemy vanguard racks up like 40 kills of my Ji militia, I often look their name up online and think about how much training and tribulations that guy must have been through to slay 40 enemies before giving up his own, reading his bio and sometimes while watching a replay. If one slays like 100 of my soldiers I feel it's a feat that will go down in history.

Playing as Liu Bei with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at my side, they still feel borderline superhuman but they are far more believable and can't just reckless charge into the fray without thinking. Often generals are positioned with their army or behind their army and provide morale support and buffs and supplemental firepower with this mod, as they should. I often put them to fight when the line starts wavering and I need the general to hold the line. They do so while their health depletes slowly and this feels far more realistic, ROTK-ish, believable and tactical to me than drag-clikcing your 3 heroes and right-click on enemy strategist killing them outright and then mopping floor with enemy units racking up like 1000 solo kills in some fights.

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In short, if you are a fan of historical total war fan and hate Dynasty warrior total war and hate the typical vanilla "heroes ganking on the enemy strategists, formations being meaningless, heroes freely stomping everywhere," go subscribe this mod. Heroes are still very powerful but they are far more believable and realistic. I kinda wish the game came out like this to feel more historical instead of the records mod which the devs have promptly abandoned after the game release.


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