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How a quick Lokhir campaign turned into a world conquest of vengeance

Content of the article: "How a quick Lokhir campaign turned into a world conquest of vengeance"

Lokhir Fellheart and the Wayward World Conquest:

Paint the Map, Blessed Dread style

Isolated and alone, stuck in a minor region in Lustria is no way to begin a campaign. So I immediately set out to get Lokhir on better footing. In quick order, I exterminated the Skaven to consolidate my starting province, caught Teclis in a sea battle and got rid of him before he got strong, and taught Luthor Harkon a lesson on who the best pirate in Lustria is. And then the Lizard-tide rolled in, with three factions combining to fight along my entire western border. In back and forth fighting, I eventually put enough arrows into their scaly sides to subdue Tlaxtlan, Teenie-Weenie, and Go-Rok, eliminating the major immediate threat on the continent.

The High Elves surprised me by raiding my northern coasts with army after army, so I had to keep my Black Arks focused there, while land armies marched through the South to conquer the stubborn dwarves and random lizard factions. Eventually, I was able to combine forces in the north to remove the fur-hatted Huntsmarshall, a small band of Orcs, the crippled remains of Cylostra’s faction, and the fat toad himself, before running into my second surprise of the campaign: Tretch Craventail surviving and thriving. Clan Rictus is the second major power in the north, along with Malekith/Naggarond who has confederated the rest of the Dark Elves.

Now, with two allies in the north (Rictus and Naggarond), the rest of Lustria firmly in control, and no other immediate threat, I turned attention to the floating Donut of Ulthuan. As soon as I sailed some armies into the sea, Chaos appeared. Of course, they materialized out of thin air right along the coast of my minor-settlement capital, where I have no armies. Rushing Black Arks over, I was able to maintain my settlements, and fight back wave, after wave, after wave of Chaos shenanigans. When Archaon finally arrived, he was immediately murdered, sending me a hint that flew right over my head about the state of the Old World at the time.

Chaos subdued, I could finally refocus on the High Elves. With the combined armies of Lokhir, Tretch, and Malekith, the High Elves never stood a chance, especially since their confederation somehow hadn’t happened yet, and Eltharion, Tyrion, and Alarielle all fought separately. Meanwhile, as I was taking everything east of Vaul’s Anvil, I sent scouts across the sea to the desert, hoping to setup a base there for scouting whatever might come my way. I allied with, hello, Top Knotz? The last surviving orcs were backed up along the coast, but occupied 8 settlements. I routed a small human faction in the bottom corner, setup camp in a whole province, and tried to support my new orc friends, while my armies in Ulthuan cleaned up.

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On Ulthuan, the High Elves were being mopped up, having been pushed back into just the mountain gates, and the Dark Triumvirate claiming the whole island. At this point, I was preparing to betray my allies, turn my attention westward, and reclaim Karond Kar to finish a successful campaign. Malekith wouldn’t confederate, so his fate was sealed, and I prepared my armies.

Until, from the far west, an army appeared on the horizon. Karl Franz, riding out of the Coast of Araby, crushing my orcish allies with ease. Alongside Franz rode his stooges, Volkmar and Balthasar, each leading high-tier armies. I watched as my unfavorable climate province couldn’t recruit fast enough to provide an army to help the orcs, as the Empire rolled. Suddenly, out of the Vulture Mountains ventured an army of bearded, angry, dwarves. Behind them, an army of The Last Defenders. Their combined might rolled like a high tide across the desert, and my provinces quickly found themselves under siege.

War had arrived, and the Order Tide were here. I could continue to declare war on Malekith and Tretch, hope to gain enough favor to avoid more conflict with the Old World, and call it a campaign. Or, I could continue my twisted alliances, and hope our combined might could counter the Order Tide. Fine, so be it. Malekith would still be there to betray later, and the tide needed to pay for their brazen attack.

I abandoned my settlements in the Land of Assassins, moving to safer waters as I rebuilt a few new armies from my original settlements. Scouts over the end turn showed Skaven and Naggarond armies moving across Ulthuan and the seas, heading East towards Bretonnia. Knowing this, Lokhir and his armies sailed southeast from Ulthuan, landing south of Estalia, and immediately claiming ground. With Tretch and Malekith distracting folks in Bretonnia, Lohkir’s forces sailed south to Al-Haikk to join his new armies arriving from Chupayotl to trap the Empire, Karaz-A-Karak, and Last Defenders’ armies there. Massive battles ensued, with major losses on both sides until finally, with exhaustion setting in, the last of the Order Tide fell back. Lokhir quickly captured land, abandoning the pirate seas, and marching through the less than hospitable desert. The vengeful Krakenlord captured the entire southern badlands, chasing the Last Defenders back to the far corner of the map. Meanwhile, lesser armies were mopping up Empire and Dwarf forces as they moved northward with ease. Lokhir was eventually surprised by an isolated Imrik in the Dragon Isles, but his army of Shades quickly blotted out the unanticipated dragons, and Lokhir completed his conquest of the Southeast.

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The Dwarves proved more troublesome, using the underway through mountains to avoid armies, and finally holding just two provinces in Mount Gunbad and Desolation of Nagash. Raiding my way through mountain attrition, Gunbad fell without much issue, reuniting my armies there with the ones already having conquered to the North. Nagash proved harder to reach, and as my multiple armies moved in, Dwarves underway retreated out, stealing a nearby undefended settlement. But, having flushed their army into easier-to-reach territory and raising new armies around them, the seemingly endless game of whack-a-dwarf finally concluded, the Book of Grudges being closed for good.

In this time, Blessed Dread armies had taken everything south and east of Brettonia, and moved into the former Empire and Vampire lands. Malekith had teamed with Wulfrik to take the rest pf Norsca from the Empire. Tretch had barely made a dent in Bretonnia, and neither side had many forces left. But the time for war was not over.

I quietly recruited armies in Lustria and Ulthuan, and sent them over to the shores of Naggarond. I reconstructed my armies in the Old World, and marched them right to the edge of Tretch and Malekith’s territory. And for the first time all campaign, I set my sights on Karond Kar and world domination, having come too far to turn away now, and abandoned my reliability rating to declare war on the Skaven and the False Phoenix King.

New armies marched north from Lustria, met no resistance but garrisons, and took everything from Tretch in short order. Armies moving up from Estalia, experienced from fighting the former Order Tide, tore through the Skaven ranks in Bretonnia before turning what remained of the Wood Elves into fertilizer for the Oak of Ages. Armies of Shades and Beasts tore through Reikland and Middenland, pushing Naggarond back to and then off the shores. Fellheart led his armies past the former home of Kislev, into Norsca, chasing Malekith himself through mountain passes and icy shores. At long last, the combined might of the Blessed Dread armies consolidated their holds, claiming whole continents, including the hallowed homeland of Karond Kar. With Tretch finally meeting his end in Bretonnia and Malekith facing extinction in the north, my last ally in Wulfrik felt the sting of betrayal as we took his lands as well, cornering both Wulfrik and Malekith in the far north. Surrounded, with no escape, each legendary lord felt the sting of Lokhir’s red blades, falling in quick succession as the Blessed Dread took final control of the entire known world.

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“My Lord.” came the voice of my long-silenced advisor. “Your campaign is not yet finished. Because you captured Ulthuan and your homeland so late in the campaign, you have not yet built all the buildings necessary to declare your campaign a triumph.” And so it was, that Lokhir Fellheart’s first world conquest campaign came to an end, not with pivotal last-stand battles, but with a peaceful dozen turns of soldiers returning home, cities being built, monuments being raised, the flag of the Blessed Dread flying high over the known world, and the Krakenlord ruling all.


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