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Many of you must have noticed the announcement of Lucasfilm Games and the end of EA's Star Wars exclusive deal. This opens up quite a lot of doors for a bigger variety in Star Wars games. I can't help but believe the Clone Wars era in particular would be a perfect setting for a post-Total War : Warhammer 3 project.

Total War : Star Wars

I will try to cover as many Total War mechanics as possible to show why I believe this could work ;

  • "Futuristic stuff isn't made for Total War games"
  1. The closest era a TT game was set in is Fall of The Samurai. What do we have in this game ? Gatling guns, Canons and Modern Line Infantry. The French Marines unit in this game closely ressembles the 1914 French Infantry. A lot of Star Wars battles are actually reminiscent of the wars from 18th and 19th century, especially during the Clone Wars : Lines of clones clash with lines of Droids.
  • "Why The Clone Wars rather than the Galactic Civil War from Original Trilogy ? There are only two factions during the Clone Wars, and in Star Wars as a whole there is simply no room for Total War Diplomacy and faction variety"
  1. The era is packed with a galactic scale conflict and large-scale battles hapenning everywhere. Even though I'd love GCW, the battles are more reminiscent of WW2. No line infantry, no frontline, small scale battles. The era is harder to defend in regard to how battles work in Total War games.
  2. When it comes to diplomacy, the Clone Wars involves miscellaneous factions that are not necessary aligned with the Republic and CSI. And Total War : Troy has given an example of how a showdown between two cultures splitted into factions can work.
  3. In Warhammer 2, races do not share a common structure, I mean we have clans/herds/waaghs, cities, lands and expeditionnary corps.

Here a few examples of playable "Cultures" and Factions.

  • Galactic Republic – Examples of Culture Mechanics : Jedi Council meetings / Brothers in arms (Each faction has two leaders : Jedi and Clone Commander)
  1. 212th Attack Battalion – Leaders : Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody – Example of Faction Mechanics : The Negociator (Make your best to prevent battles through negotiation, if success the enemy leaves and you can't attack him for the rest of the turn, if failure Obi-Wan starts the battle alone in the enemy starting area) / Hero of the Republic (Has access to various scenaristic Quest Battles with other characters made temporarily playable)
  2. 501st Legion – Leaders : Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex – Example of Faction Mechanics : The Chosen One's anger (Campaign buffs when in peace, Battle buffs when angry) / Hero of the Republic
  3. 91th Recon Corps – Leaders : Mace Windu and Commander Ponds
  4. The Capital – Leaders : Chancellor Palpatine and Coruscant Guard Commander Fox – Example of Faction Mechanics : The Senate / Mastermind (interferes through Anakin in Jedi Council meetings) / Lord Sidious (Has access to various scenaristic Quest Battles as the Darth Sidious or Cad Bane)
  5. 41st Elite Corps – Leaders : Luminara Unduli and Commander Gree
  6. 104th Attack Battalion – Leaders : Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe
  7. 327th Star Corps – Leaders : Aayla Secura and Commander Bly
  8. 21st Nova Corps – Leaders : Ki-Adi-Mundi and Commander Bacara
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Example of starting armies for 212th and 501st – Artworks courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games

  • Confederation of Independant Systems – Examples of Culture Mechanics : The Droid Army (Basic B1 Battle Droids require no upkeep) / The Assassin (Each faction may temporarily send Asajj Ventress into missions and Quest Battles, after a few she'll be unlocked permanently) / He needs no introduction (Same as Asajj Ventress but with Cad Bane)
  1. House Serenno – Leaders : Count Dooku – Example of Faction Mechanic : Tyranus' right hand (Several Dilemnas would be given to the player throughout the campaign, related to Dooku's right hand characters like Jango Fett, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress, starting with the Template : save Jango Fett or let him die in the Arena, if you save him, you can keep him for the rest of the campaign, if you don't, clone units from Republic Factions will have more and more replenishment issues as the campaign drags on)
  2. Supreme command of the Droid Army – Leader : General Grievous – Example of Faction Mechanics : The Collection (Defeat various Jedi knights, their lightsaber trophies will grant you Campaign or Battle buffs)
  3. Trade Federation – Leader : Nute Gunray
  4. Stalgasin Hive – Leader : Poggle the Lesser
  5. The Invicible – Leader : Admiral Trench
  6. Techno Union – Leader : Wat Tambor
  7. Banking Clan – Leader : San Hill
  8. Retail Caucus – Leader : Whorm Loatsom

Example of starting armies for House Serenno and Supreme Command of the Droid Army – Artworks courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games

  • Pirates and Underworld – Examples of Culture Mechanics : Raiders (Starting a war with the Republic or CIS to attack a few settlements will not drag you into an endless war, they have bigger problems to deal with, peace is easy to make with these cultures) / Host of Bounty Hunters (Unlock a series of iconic Bounty Hunters for your faction) / Hostages / Infamy
  1. Hutt Cartel – Leader : Jabba the Hutt (Sail Barge on the Battlefield) – Example of Faction Mechanics : Jabba's Palace
  2. Hondo's Pirates – Leader : Guess who ? – Example of Faction Mechanic : Honorable… in it's own way (Similar to Eshin Shadowly Dealings : You'd receive calls for weapon deliveries throughout the galaxy from all factions, but beware, the enemies of your client will not appreciate it..)
  3. Shadow Collective – Leader : Darth Maul – Example of Faction Mechanics : Crime lord (You'd be able to confederate Mandalorian Clans and Dathomirian Brotherhoods to gain access to some of their roster) / Obsolete (Raising a lot of Infamy would improve your diplomacy options with Pirates and Underworld factions, but make you a target for Darth Sidious…)
  • Mandalorian Clans – Examples of Culture Mechanics : Foundlings / Beskar / The Conquest of Mandalore (Similar to the black pyramid of Nagash in terms of defense and Karak Eight-Peeks for buffs after conquest)
  1. Death Watch – Leader : Pre Vizsla – Example of Faction Mechanics : The Darksaber
  2. Nite Owls – Leader : Bo-Katan Kryze
  • Dathomirian Brotherhood – Examples of Culture Mechanics : Magick
  1. Talzin's Nightsisters – Leader : Mother Talzin – Example of Faction Mechanics : Turn men into Monsters / Voodoo
  2. The undead army – Leader : Old Daka – Example of Faction Mechanics : Arise dead Sisters

What about the Campaigns and campaign map ?

I have in mind something similar to the Rome 2 Grand Campaigns : ie Campaigns that start at different time periods to enjoy most of the important canon settings :

  • 22 BBY (AOTC) = The longuest campaign, that starts with the Battle of Geonosis.
  • 22 BBY (TCW Movie) = Starts with the Battle of Christophsis (Appearance of Ahsoka and Knighted Anakin).
  • 20 BBY (TCW S04) = Starts with the Battle of Mon Calamari (2nd half of the war with the appearance of Phase 2 clones).
  • 20 BBY (TCW S04 – Maul's return) = First starting date for Maul's faction.
  • 19 BBY (TCW S07) = Starts with the Battle of Anaxes up until Order 66.
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The Galaxy would be the main map.

  • Provinces = Planets.
  • Regions = Sector around a City/Fortress/Base (for example Geonosis could have the Geonosis Arena, the Stalgasin Hive (AOTC Droid Foundrides), the Droid Factory (TCW) and the Progate Temple.

Mercenaries ? Twi'lek rebels, Naboo troopers and Gungans, Wookies, Trandoshan Hunters, Umbarran Militia, Zygerrian slavers, all these kind of units or vehicles could be hired when holding a territory in one of their planets.


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