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How to make Sieges Fun in TW:W3

It's probably too late to influence what will be in Warhammer 3, but I would still toss my two cents at the matter at hand.

As we know, the Warhammer series is very popular amongst Total War community, because it's basically the same genre but on steroids. The thing is, that Warhammer has so many more tools to play with, that historical titles just don't have, such as magic system, monsters and different races to name a few.

But funny enough, the sieges are pretty shallow and left out compared to every other feature (and I'm not just talking about their repetitive and boring design.) for a fantasy game. Instead of just adding new units to the garrison with buildings, we could get faction focused "abilities" and "equipment".

Here are a few ideas for some factions:


Rail Cannons: Instead of adding another unit to the garrison, the dwarfs could get enormous cannons that would be set on a pre determined rails behind the walls. These cannons would deal insane amount of damage (with low firing arc), but not being able to turn, as they are mounted on said rails. These rails however, would give them speed to move from one firing point to another very quickly. After overwhelming and capturing the rail cannon, the agressor could use them aswell, but in a different manner. After capturing the rail cannon, you could set it on fire and push it with high speed towards the enemy lines where it would explode in fantastic g(al)ore.

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Baloons: Another idea I had was giant baloons, that you could deploy on different parts of the siege. These, huge baloons would soak light enemy artillery fire such as arrows and spears, but would quickly be destroyed by cannon shots and spells. These baloons would be very useful for blocking incoming fire from outter walls, or vice versa for the enemy! After destroying the baloon, it would fall to the ground, trapping troops, giving them a certain time window where they cannot move or run away.


The Crane Claw: (In the Black Plague trilogy books, there is a moment where the skaven capture some Empire city, building a gigantic crane claw in the middle of it, which smashes enemy troops in long reach, being controlled by human prisoners.) Such placable construction inside of your walls would create quite a havoc for the enemy. The Crane Claw would have long reach, but not infinite. The enemy could shoot it down and destroy it, capture it and control it, or save the slaves, replenishing your own lost men for certain units.

Building destruction: As the skaven already live in ruin and don't care much for their own buildings, it would be a great idea to give skaven the power to put explosives on certain building inside of walls. These buildings would come crashing down on either a delusional opponent, or your own ignorant troops. (the skaven way)

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Cavalry Ramp: As bretonnia has a cavalry focused roster, they could get a ramp that would completely cover a street from start to end, making it difficult to cross from one side, while adding giant charge bonus to cavalry crossng it from the other side.

Giant Connected Ramp: The other equipment for bretonnia defense system would be a giant connected ramp, which would let the cavalry charge onto the cities walls, helping defeat enemies that came on the walls via siege equipment.

Such additions to sieges would be interesting and could quickly change the tide for either you or the opponent.

Do you like this idea? If so, what equipment would you give other factions?


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