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I hated Three Kingdom’s way of recruiting, but now I realize it is the best thing that could happen to Warhammer, solving both doomstacks, supply lines, boredom, and bloated unit rosters.

Here are 2 issues that are commonly brought up regarding Warhammer:

  • Doomstacking encouraged by supply lines (meaning less armies with more expensive units are preferred over more and mixed armies, leading to the player usually caring only about one army and treating the rest as throwaways).
  • Unit roster is bloated by DLC to the point where it often feels the game would be better without them because of one of the following: objectively better units that are just reskins and were added as a new regular unit instead of Regiment of Reknown. Too many units for the same role with slight differences that make choices stressful but ultimately irrelevant (skaven are especially guilty of both).

Here is what Three Kingdoms does instead:

  • A lord can only recruit 6 units (called their retiune).
  • There can be up to 3 lords in an army.
  • While nearly all units can be recruited by all lords, only specific lord types can buff specific units (so in Warhammer, not every red skill line would be roughly the same), and some top tier units are exclusive to some lord types.
  • The "main" lord (called commanding lord) leading the army provides armywide buffs on top of the buffs he provides to his/her retiune. The other 2 lords only buff their own retirunes.
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Translating this to Warhammer, using the Dark Elves as an example:

  • High Beastmaster: buffs all monsters and beasts. Only he can recruit hydra + kharybdiss.
  • Dreadlord (Sword + Crossbow): buffs all Corsair units.
  • Dreadlord (Sword + Shield): buffs all regular Bleakswords and Dreadspears. Only he/she can recruit Repeater Bolt Thrower.
  • Supreme Sorceress: buffs all Khaine themed units (sisters of slaughter, witch elves), only she can recruit Medusa / Bloodwhrack Shine.
  • Legendary lords still buff their thematic stuff and can recruit anything but via passive skills it is heavily advised for them to go for their specific units.

Another example with Skaven:

  • Warlord: buffs all skavenslaves. Only he can recruit storm vermin.
  • Warlock master: buffs all weapon teams. Only he can recruit ratling guns.
  • Grey Seer: buffs warmachines.
  • Packmaster (now a lord, not a hero): buffs beasts and mutants. Only he can recruit Hell Pit Abominations.
  • Assassin (now a lord, not a hero): buffs death runners, gutter runners. Only he can recruit gutter runner poison variant.
  • Plague Monk (now a lord, not a hero): buffs plague monks, plague monk cerser bearers. Only he can recruit plage claw catapults.

Again, before you dislike the entire post: think in context. You can combine 3 of these lords into a single army, essentially forcing your hand to create balanced armies, raising the value of all your armies. The amount of units available guarantees that no 2 army is the same. It still preserves the unique playstyle of various races (if a race is less varied, for example, the Vampire Counts going for skeleton spam or Bretonnia having nigh only cavalry, well, you can still those and recruit only the same type of lords into an army. However that also means you cannot quickly rearrange the army and add unit types near instantly that your lords don't allow. So for example, in case of Bretonnia, we'd elevate the Paladin to the status of a generic lord, and make unicorns and blazing "holy" weapon unit themed, while the generic lord can be responsible for other cavalry. Prophetesses would buff peasentry units – since the masses follow religion first and foremost – and trebuchets would be exclusive to them).

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