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IMO Troy’s chariot nerf was well handled, and gives them a unique role amongst the Flankers

Content of the article: "IMO Troy’s chariot nerf was well handled, and gives them a unique role amongst the Flankers"

Basically, Chariots are useless in rough terrain (like IRL), and are somewhat bad at flanking Medium and heavy troops unless they break the unit with the initial charge or enough chariot units concentrate on that location (even then, concentrating force like this is very inefficient and doesn't work unless you have good terrain).

This IMO is really smart.

It gives chariots a definitive role as a "Flanking Superiority" unit. You use it to take out the enemy flankers, and open up the flanks for exploitation for other units. You can use chariots to erode the edges of the enemy line (as long as they haven't gilded those edges with Heavy Units), or shock rout units that are on the edge of breaking.

Their power level is balanced by thier terrain vulnerability: One bad map can be devestating to you if you have too many chariots. As a result (like real life), its better to just have 1-2 Chariots and then a mix of other flankers or archers

All of this combines to have a flanking unit that actually requires a Brain to use.

IMO for too long Cav equivalents in total war has been this unstoppable death machine jesus unit that is hyper reliable and will simply always obliterate a unit if it hits their flank or hits a non-spear from the front. Terrain didn't really make enough of a difference to stop how dominant they were largely because of poor map design that didn't often feature useful terrain. Even then, forests usually barely hinder cavalry at all in Total War, which IMO is extremely silly since all historical events of cavalry forces losing usually involve exploiting woods or other rough terrain to minimise their ability to move.

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TL:DR It's good work, I hope they apply some of this to regular cavalry in other games in the future, it makes cav play much more fun and engaging instead of fLaNk ChArGe without any other thinking involved in regards to unit type or terrain. It also makes flanking infantry way more relevant.

Thoughts people?


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