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Improving All of the Legendary Lords: Dwarfs

Content of the article: "Improving All of the Legendary Lords: Dwarfs"

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my series where I talk about possible improvements to each and every Legendary Lord in this game (and even some that aren't in the game). I will also talk about how we can improve on the race itself. This is all just speculation and fun ideas that I think could improve the game or make it more fun, so nothing in this is meant to be taken super seriously. With that being said, lets begin.

Starting off I want to talk about race improvements. For the improvements to the race I think that there are 3 things to talk about. First is talking about the first faction mechanic, the Great Book of Grudges. With this change I want to completely overhaul this mechanic into a new revamped thing. First, the book will already start out filled to the brim with loads of different grudges against EVERY race. Another change is that, the book being full of unsettled grudges also means that the player will no longer suffer penalties for not completing a grudge. Completing grudges also offer massive rewards to the player in terms of money, public order and unique traits and equipment. The player can also gain smaller grudges by just playing the campaign, in battles or through events that will offer smaller rewards.

Secondly, the crafting mechanic. I think that the copy paste tomb kings mechanic is fine, however the actual items from it aren't great. Give some of the items in the crafting better buffs and give them a lot more crafting options.

Thirdly, there needs to be a better underway mechanic. You should have the ability to rebuild the underway's and connect lost holds. Build a massive underbway underneath your settlements where your armies can just travel to very quickly.

All 3 of these improvements will make the dwarf campaigns a lot better, no matter who you play.

Next we move to the actual lords.

Thorgrim: Thorgrims buffs are pretty simple, he should be a lot more focused on buffing his frontlines with aura's and stuff. Give Thorgrim a bunch more active and passive aura's that are meant for his frontline. Also, with his skill tree, make Thorgrim heavily focused in buffing things like Thunderers, Hammerers and possibly Gyrocopters.

Thorgrims faction mechanic should be STRICTLY about hate book of Grudges and going around, striking out grudges that are strictly unique to him. At the end of each of these grudges, Thorgrim has quest battles.

Next we have Ungrim. Ungrim needs a lot more slayer variants. The fact that he only has 2 slayer units is a big deal when you might be going against opponents that don't have many large units and can deal a lot of damage to low armor infantry. Give Ungrim even more buffs to slayers and give him more slayer variants.

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Ungrims Campaign mechanic is simple. He is a monster hunter. Give him quest lines to help allies the ability to fight monsters. It should be very similar to the Monster hunting mechanic of Norsca. Ungrim should also get quest battles against the biggest monster characters in the whole setting (Throgg, Kholek, Nakai, Throt and many more).

Next is Belegar. For campaign battles, I think Belegar should focus on having a strong shield frontline. Anything that has a shield and is meant to hold the frontline will be buffed (especially Ironbrakers).

Belegar will also get his own set of grudges focused around Karak 8 Peaks. His who campaign will be spent trying to take and hold the city. he will unlock special mechanics to improve the defences of the city and after he captures the city, he will spend many turns trying to negotiate with the other big dwarf factions for assistance. This will all culminate into a MASSIVE final battle where Queek and Skarsnik team up and siege the City whilst Belegar and his allies try their best to hold off the attackers.

Grombrindal is next. Grombrindal should focus on buffing anything with a great axe or mining pick. He should also buff Irondrakes and Flame cannons as well, because they fit with his very hot and burning personality.

For campaign mechanics I have a few ideas. Grombrindal should become a horde faction that is an ally to all the other dwarf factions. Grombrindal will be allowed to use their underways, replenish at their settlements and will buff their public order and growth. Grombrindal will also gain access to join in his allies battles and will get missions to help allies that are in danger of being attacked. These will appear as small markers on the ground of the map (similar to the new Wood Elf invasions system). Completing those battles will reward Grombrindal a large amount of money and growth.

Grombrindal will also gain access to a unique grudge that involves a fight with Malaketh. Grombrindal will also gain a unique trait for defeating Malaketh.

Joseph Bugman: Bugman should be almost entirely focused on brew masters and brewing. Bugman himself should focus on buffing his armies with powerful brews that give all sorts of crazy effects. Bugman should also give buffs to units such as rangers and the hero's in his army.

For Josephs faction mechanic, he should have a mechanic based entirely around brewing his own beers. Each beer gives the beer crazy effects and combining multiple ingredients together to get new and even more powerful effects that Bugman can use on the campaign map and in battle.

Thorek Ironbrow: He is a master runesmith. He comes equipped with runes more potent than the regular master runesmiths. His army buffs runelords, runesmiths, rune golems, shard dragons and hammerers.

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Thoreks campaign mechanic is entirely focused on runesmithing. Creating immensely powerful runes that he can use to buff lords, heros and units in his faction. He can apply runes to certain weapons and armors to make them even more potent with new stacking effects.

Grimm Burrlocksson: Out first ranged dwarf. His main focus should be entirely on buffing the guns and artillery. He should also have plenty of abilities to show add on to this.

Grimm will also get a mechanic similar to Ikit's Workshop to support this idea of Grimm refining the weapons in his army to an absolute tee. Not to much else to really say about this.

Malakai Makaisson: Malakai is another slayer character, but he is a bit of an odd one. He is one of the few slayers that primarily focuses on using ranged weapons because he is also an engineer as well as a slayer. His army should also reflect this, with Malakai buffing slayers that use ranged weapons, slayer artillery (axe hewer) and the Thunderbardges.

Malakai's mechanic should be a bit like Grimms' in the sense that he buffs things like guns and artillery, but at a cost. The buffs that he gives will be extremely powerful, but they also gain big debuffs (example: Malakai gives a cannon explosive grapeshot but at a big cost to range). Malakai should also gain a questline to receive/rebuild his famous Thunderbardge, the Unsinkable, in a series of quests so that he can use it as a mount in battle and clear any terrain without penalties in the campaign map.

Malakai's campaign should act as a semi horde, in that Malakai can take over cities for his own, but Malakai himself acts kinda as a horde with his own recruitment pool and building chain.

Kazador Dragonslayer: Kazador is a character that would likely focus around buffing quarrellers. Kazador himself would likely be a hybrid melee ranged lord who can fight just about anything.

Kazadors mechanic should likely be about getting his family back from Gorfang Rockgut with his own personal grudge and final battle against the orc. Kazador will suffer penalties until he is able to get his family back, in which his faction will gain massive buffs. You can move the family to different settlement to give them even more buffs if they need it, but beware, other factions can and will try to get their hands on Kazadors family again. I will touch on this mechanic again when I talk about the Greenskins and Gorfang Rockgut.

Thank you for reading this and listening to my improvements. One thing that I saw Yesterday with my Skaven (which is here: Improving All the Legendary Lords: Skaven : totalwar ( ) one was that I did them before any other races, so I would just like to clear something up. Just because I do one of these for a faction before another faction, does not mean that I want that faction to get improvements anytime soon. This is in no particular order and this is more or less just based off of which faction I can create ideas for first.

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With that being said, I want to see other changes that you would make to this faction or any of these characters. I am no loremaster so I am just spit-balling ideas based on what I do know so please, if you feel like something doesn't fit, feel free to post it in the comments. Have a wonderful rest of your day.


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