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In anticipation of the Grand Campaign “Immortal Empires”: Lords & Races mechanics

Many thing were said for the incoming Warhammer III Grand Campaign: expecting a bigger non-stretched map, a graphic and texture update, a rework on older animations and missing ones (looking at you, reload); but what I feel it would be really needed, it's the Legendary Lords update.

This is pure speculation, maybe CA already considered that, maybe not, but most of the old races and Lord needs to be aligned to the new ones – read as "needs a unique mechanic". As a general non-mandatory rule, I think every Lord needs both a personal unique mechanic AND a race one.

I want to examine every single Lord and give my personal point of view, as well as hear your thought about it.. Take note this is strictly my opinion and for entertainment/suggestion purpose.

To avoid an unbearable long-ass text, I will talk only about the first original four races… then we'll see.


The most logic of the update would be a rework of the personal skill tree for every of the older released lords: some are really underwhelming or too generic (like Belegar), some others need to empower special or personal units. Also, separate the personal Lord skill branch from the yellow one. Make it silver, I don't know 🙂

Two of the most obvious and requested QOL would be the automatically unlock of mounts without spend any point (would also give more use for lesser mounts) and the chance to reset ability trees (for a price or a limited number of times). Really, we need those.


Racial mechanic: ??? (I know, their racial mechanic is the Imperial Authority/Elector Counts system, but see below first).

  • Karl Franz – the most rational thing to do is make the Imperial Authority/Elector Counts system exclusive to Karl Franz. I was never a fan of seeing this system on Balthasar (it doesn't make sense also on Volkmar, but at the moment is like a sub-Lord under Karl, if you know what I mean). Maybe a future Boris can also have this system, as lorewise he opposed Karl's election to Emperor and can be considered in-game as his contender.
  • Balthasar Gelt – a no-brain here: give Gelt a mechanic related to Colleges of Magic. Something that improves every Lore one by one; it would be cool if you "build" the Colleges using money and adding a wing or an other kind of improvement for that specific Lore of Magic – but I don't know, maybe too many Charlemagnes.
  • Volkmar The Grim – I don't know if the best solution is to move Volkmar starting point somewhere else, but I have no idea where you would put him. If he stay in Altdorf, he can keep the Elector Counts system, but his Lore scream for a mechanic related to the Church of Sigmar, something to empower units with "blessings" and spread Integrity.
  • Markus… WULFHART! – Considering he's the most recent of the Empire dudes, I feel he's pretty complete.
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Racial mechanic: The Forge (not much to add here). Now, I'm kind torn about the Book of Grudges : while it is true that every honored Dwarf hold grudges, the holder of the Dammaz Kron IS Thorgrim. At the cost of grudge from our fellow Dwarf players (ironic) I will consider this second possibility.

  • Thorgrim Grudgebearers – the Book of Grudges. It need a total refresh. The bonus side of the system is inexistent, also it should offer the possibility to confederate other Dwarf factions (maybe it should be the ONLY possibility for Throgrim).
  • Ungrim Ironfist – if they add more Slayers variety, they could possibly add them only to Ungrim (with minimal changes), so that is system can be Slayers Hall, empowering and giving various effect to Slayers.
  • Belegar Ironhammer – not much to say here: leave Ancestors as they are and maybe give some bonus when you occupy Karak Eight Peaks, other than remove the penalty.
  • Grombindal the White Dwarf – he already has The Living Ancestor dilemma, but what I feel most is that he should be changed to an horde and gain bonus/confederation option through quests, saving Karak around the world.


Racial mechanic: Waaagh! It's fresh, it's cool, and doesn't need another rework.

  • Grimgor Ironhide – something should depict his thirst for conquer, slaying and prove that he is Da Best: that can be an incremental bonus for every capital conquered/razed and/or Legendary Lord defeater (in addition of the common bonus).
  • Skarsnik – I'm not really sure that I like the penalty removal for Orcs unit after you conquer Karak Eight Peaks: I always thought it kill the true essence of Skarsnik. More fitting, it can give a reduction of the penalty, while lowering the cost of some units (Night Goblins, Night Goblins Archers, Fanatics versions, all squigs, Night Goblin Warboss…).
  • Wuurzag – I was thinking about a special building that he can put in every major city, such as Idol of Gork and Mork (or Mork and Gork) granting bonus to Winds of Magic, Savage Orcs and possibly Rogue Idols. A Major Idol can be built on Faction capitals.
  • Azhag the Slaughterer – when Nagash will make an appearance, a possible Race to Nagash Relics can be considered, and Azhag should be absolutely part of it, as he already hold one. Also it would super bonkers if they add the possibility to summon Undead Orks (slightly better skeletons) as magic for him.
  • Grom the Paunch – what can I say? Grom's Cauldron is good as it is. On another note, I will consider lower or remove the buff on Night Goblins, because it clash with Skarsnik, make him less relevant – but it should be carefully examined, to avoid nerf him too much.
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Racial mechanic: Bloodlines. While it is a very cool mechanic, I think that it needs a little update. First, I would give specific Blood Kisses, such as "conquer a city = Von Carstein Blood Kiss" or "assassinate a target = Lahmian Blood Kiss"; then the bonus granted should be higher and more specific to the Bloodline. Also, when you choose a Bloodline, you automatically locks 1 or 2 others, so you cannot have more than 2/3 Bloodlines each Campaign (ex. Unlocking Lahmia lock Strigoi and Necrarch Bloodlines).

  • Mannfred von Carstein – in the Azhag analysis I mentioned a Race to Nagash Relics: lorewise Mannfred should be part of it. Not much to add.
  • Vlad von Carstein – I know this is bit of a stretch, but Vlad objective is to become the Emperor -so why not give him the Elector Counts system after he conquer Altdorf? Where you can put Vampire Lords as Counts and possibly give accesso to Empire RoR units (but not the items).
  • Isabella von Carstein – i don't know what else can do with her, except make it a Legendary Hero…
  • Heinrich Kemmler – other than make Krell a Legendary Hero, with its own set of abilities, they can expand the unique building Castle Drachenfels' Library making it a system for Kemmler to research Necromancy Tome around the globe through quests.
  • Helman Ghorst – the best option for the black sheep of the VC is to make him an horde, adding diversity to VC playstyle, making him going around the world with his trusty zombie cart.
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What you guys think about all of these?

Thank you for the reading


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