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In Shogun 2, what are your top five playable and non-playable clans?

Content of the article: "In Shogun 2, what are your top five playable and non-playable clans?"

My top five playable clans are:

  1. Shimazu Clan (Chosokabe used to be number one, but since the Shimazu is really effective as a clan on the island of kyushu and a blacksmith in their capital, I placed this clan here. As my all time favorite clan, by far.)
  2. Chosokabe Clan (Played them first on the tutorial and later in the campaign, I love me some archers. But I felt that the Chosokabe's capital on Tosa could've had an artisans building instead of wood. Doesn't stop from becoming one my favorite clans. Also sadly, the daimyo they start with is getting old and not a lot of heirs. My second all-time favorite clan.)
  3. Date Clan (They come off dangerously strong, have a blacksmith, and many fertilely rich lands surrounding them. The only reason I placed them at number three is because it does take a while to get started as the Date without road upgrades, meaning your enemies will more units than you. But all-in-all, an above-average. My third all-time favorite.)
  4. Oda Clan (They have a strong roster and their peasants, also known in feudal Japan as "ashigaru", are so OP. That at any difficulty that can pretty much counter any unit, but I just don't like the fact that sticking with Ashigaru armies throughout the whole campaign when I love other units like samurai, warrior monks, and No-Daichi Samurai.)
  5. Mori Clan (Mainly, I like this clan for their naval units. But their Daimyo is a dick, I don't like their alliance to the west because owning Kyushu is great, and there are so many unpredictable clans that it places them here on number five. While it's fun and all, I just wish it could be calm for the player to at least find a strategy. But their special unit, the Mori Wako Raiders, are also sadly disappointing because of their low armor and their nearest blacksmith is in Bizen, which lacks a Military Port required for their requirement. Sad.)
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Now for my top five non-playable clans in Shogun 2, they are:

  1. Anegakoji Clan (I loved playing as this clan, despite not being playable in the base game. Their mon is very cool and I love it's artistic style. They also have a good starting position around the mountains so the other clans don't get to you, barring the Takeda if they choose to wage war on you. But their fun begins when you go up to defeat the Ikko Ikki and then go east for expansion. Overall, the Angakoji are my all-time favorite clan. The only bad thing I think of is their Daiymo who is pretty old.)
  2. Sagara Clan (Playing as this clan with the same strategy as the Shimazu. Only this time, they start with the Warhorses trade resource. Meaning they can get easy upgradable cavalry to counter the Shimazu and other neighboring clans. My second all-time favorite clan to play as despite not playable in the base game.)
  3. Urakami Clan (This other non-playable clan should've been playable. You start out with a blacksmith in Bizen, have two allies being the Yamana Clan and the Bessho clan making it easy to expand west, and while you're family is small, your daiymo and your clan will so powerful once your heir becomes of age soon and even generals that are joining you. My third all-time favorite clan because of that.)
  4. Amako Clan (This other unplayable clan has three provinces, but holding off the Mori well means you will be growing strong once you defeat them. You also have both a goldmine and a artisans building which you can use to improve your archers. They are placed fourth because it can take a while to have all the benefits like the blacksmith in Bizen and stuff. But overall, a fun non-playable clan to play as.)
  5. Ogigayatsu Clan (This one clan that I recently played as was very tough for me. But I placed them here because they can come very weak, but it'll take time to gather everything such as the blacksmith the Hojo own as well going east. The Imgawa will also despise you for defeating the Hojo and will go to war with you, same goes to the Takeda if the Hojo allied them earlier before you assaulted them. But what places them on the list is the extremely cool name, mon, and many of the richest provinces in the east. Meaning you will financially strong if you survive well.)
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What do you think are your top five favorite playable and non-playable clans? Leave your thoughts down below. Thanks!


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