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Info on Ajax & Diomedes from the Livestream

Content of the article: "Info on Ajax & Diomedes from the Livestream"

From the livestream, CA revealed several aspects about Ajax and Diomedes not on the FAQ, so here is that information:


  • His Two mechanics are called Path to Greatness and Warrior of Renown. His unique resource is known as Renown.
  • Path to Greatness allows you to have "friendly battles" with other Danaans' commanders (soldiers lost in these battles are restored after it is over). Should he defeat them, he will gain a specific Paragon Unit (that consist of troops not in his roster) with special abilities/auras. Ajax must have enough Renown to challenge the different commanders.
  • Warrior of Renown allows Ajax to force peace between warring factions by hosting Celebrations and build up Renown by completing certain missions (generated depending on who you're at war with). During Celebrations, he away ancillaries (you choose which ones) and gains resources from all factions invited. Additionally, as Ajax builds up renown, he gets bonuses to his reputation with other Danaans.
  • Ajax's unit roster has no shock units and instead must defend on his powerful defensive units and ranged to grind down his enemies.
  • Naturally Ajax has his half-brother Teucer as a Hero.

Diomedes (Epic Fighter):

  • His two mechanics are called Argos' Finest and Master Strategist. His unique resource is known as Dominance
  • Argos's Finest allows you to train up your units from your roster into custom Paragon units by assigning them to be trained by a Strategos instead of normal recruitment. A Strategos's training allows you to add a specific buff to the unit. Once done, it adds the buffed unit into your Special Recruitment tab. Diomedes can get access to different Strategoi by holding their home cities.
  • Master Strategist allows you to build up Dominance by completing missions against your enemies, such as beating certain commanders or taking their capital. Using Dominance, Diomedes gets a massive buff to his diplomacy with a selected faction, allowing him to create deals that favor him immensely.
  • Diomedes's roster is focused on shock units, and has increased access to sword and axe units. He does not have good missile units and some of his units basically have the Martial Prowess ability of the High Elves from WH2: when they start losing health, their stats go down.
  • It was confirmed that his wounding of Gods will be shown off in some manner in his campaign.
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Overall, as stated by CA during the stream, Ajax and Diomedes are meant to contrast one another while providing similar mechanics (Paragon units and forced diplomacy). Ajax has long-lasting, defensive units backed up by powerful ranged ones, while Diomedes has shock units that relies on taking out the enemy quickly. Dominance and Renown are likewise opposites, Ajax holds peace making celebrations, while Diomedes forces the enemies to agree to his terms.

My personal thoughts from this information is that Ajax will play similarly to Hector, except instead of shock infantry he uses archers. This may result in more of a 'pinning' playstyle that makes the enemy run to you, as opposed to Hector's advancing walls of death. Diomedes, on the other hand, feels like a mix between Odysseus and Menelaus. Like Odysseus, he really doesn't want to be standing around and trading blows, and like Menelaus, he eschews spears for armor piercing axes.


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