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Just finished a Total War Rome 2: Wrath of Sparta Campaign as Sparta and wanted to ask if anyone else faced these bugs/ issues?

Content of the article: "Just finished a Total War Rome 2: Wrath of Sparta Campaign as Sparta and wanted to ask if anyone else faced these bugs/ issues?"

This was my first Wrath of Sparta playthrough and since I'd just finished Ceasar in Gaul, I thought I might as well give this one a shot. Im pretty new to Rome 2. This was on Easy Difficulty.


There were two major ones that stood out to me. The first one, I am absolutely sure is a bug though. Basically , I'd have a coastal city being invaded and I'd have a land garrison and the some units on ships. I absolutely hate the naval combat in Rome 2 so I immediately disembarked my troops. In this case there was a much larger invasion force vs my tiny maybe 8 unit garrisson. Something would cause the enemy ships to glitch out when they tried to disembark and they'd end up stuck in weird position causing the entire fleet to just sit in the ocean and not move for ages. This happened at least 3 times in my playthrough and always when the enemy had a much larger force. I usually just let the clock run out and then claim a victory even though the enemy fleet is just fine.

The second bug is maybe not a bug. Sometimes I'd capture the last city of a faction but they'd still have an army somewhere in my territory. I leave them alone if it's super tiny (in this case it was literally just the general). Now 10 – 12 turns later they suddenly land an invasion force on my continent with a full stack army. I have no idea where they got this army from but it's usually very weak units. They usually instantly take a settlement the next turn. It's not a huge issue, just really annoying to deal with.

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The apparent Persian doomstack? I read a little about the DLC campaign so I knew that the overall arc of the campaign is the Persians would invade in the east at some point in the late game. Since Athens was my biggest rival and they were on that side I expected that eventually the Persians would come in and wreck them late game and we'd have to unite or something. That didn't happen. The Persians expanded for a bit.Then immediately got demolished by Athens and lost most of their territory. I actually made peace with them at one point thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This leads me to my final issue with the campaign as Sparta. Holding ocean settlements is such a pain against Athens. I think they could've done a bit better with some of the early game instructions. They made it seem like the goal is to take out the Athenian settlements closest to Athenia to cripple their navy. That didn't do anything and just locked me into protecting that area against wave after wave of Athenian Navy. I know the AI has to cheat a little to make it fair but sending 20 man navy armies to snipe any island settlements that aren't being protected isn't really fun. Especially since the game indicates to you early on that Sparta is a primarily Land based fighting force.

Overall, I actually enjoyed the early part of the campaign a lot since it was primarily land battles in the immediate area around Sparta. It only got annoying later in the game when sea battle became the primary focus. I didn't mind the lack of unit diversity which was apparently the biggest issue the DLC had when it was launched. It made battles straightforward and primarily movement based. I just wish there were more cases where I could take my army of land based troops and fight an enemies land based army on equal ground instead of during a siege or when I ambush them. I think I expected more 300 scenarios where my elite fighting force is against large waves of light infantry. Maybe if the Persian Escalation had worked properly in my campaign that might have happened.

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Anyone play any of the other factions as well as Sparta? Did you feel like it was a distinct playthrough and do you think it's worth it for me to do another one as Athens if I am looking for a relatively different experience?


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