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Just won a massive battle in Attila as WRE and it feels awesome

Content of the article: "Just won a massive battle in Attila as WRE and it feels awesome"

Once Attila arrives, I always double up my armies when doing border guard duty. Single stacks are sitting ducks against the hordes. 3 doom stacks come over the border and hit my 2 best armies head on. They are loaded with gold chevron Herculani Seniors, Cornuti seniors, archers and melee cav. I go for it.

I line up my infantry in the corner of the map while sending my cav to hide in the forest. Amazingly my reinforcing army comes right next to my line, so I quickly set up 2 deep lines of defense in defensive testudo, archers in the rear and generals protected at all cost.

Disaster: some groups of hunnic devils find my cavalry ambush party, I flee. The rest of the first wave crashes head on into my lines. My men hold their ground insanely well as the first wave is almost all cavalry. Arrows are worthless as my testudo eats them up and my archers pummel them.

I’m feeling good, as this first wave utterly fails against my steadfast lines. Then a stroke of insane luck…… my fleeing cavalry runs head first into all 3 of their generals hidden in the forest. It’s a bloodbath, but 2 of their generals go down and the 3rd flees as more Hun cav surrounds my own:… I flee again.

The second wave isnt cavalry this time….a nightmarish wave of OP infantry hits my lines putting strain on even my best veterans. My second line has to push forward to keep filling gaps and some of my men waver. Even with their generals dead these huns seem to fight down to the last man, it’s insane.

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The battered remains of my cavalry slams into the rear of their second wave……. finally they break and I swing my infantry flanks around for an epic slaughter…. yet what’s this…. the battle bar is still showing an even match….. I have a whole other hun army still waiting to attack me……

The last wave of cavalry swarms in as I desperately reform my lines and get back into testudo….. just in time as the arrows rain down on my men…. my cavalry now at 1/4 strength again must flee…..

One battered line of men now remains, but they manage to hold this new wave of arrows….. my archers have nothing left to fire, but my generals are untouched….

Finally they run out of arrows and attack my line….. I charge them back and enter a final melee…. they now retreat and I’m having to charge and reform again and again to wipe out their groups….. I’m hunting their remains now…… finally I send my generals into the fray….. we managed to rout the last of the hunnic cav.

It shows “close victory” despite me killing 2 of their men for every one of mine, but my army is at half strength……… I’m depleted, but their three armies are put to flight and I move my men back into fortified towns…. replenishing so they can fight ever more battles…

This game is insane……..


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