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Leak: Warhammer 3 will probably feature night battles with Mannslieb and Moorslieb

Content of the article: "Leak: Warhammer 3 will probably feature night battles with Mannslieb and Moorslieb"


I was speculating with a friend on Steam about which lighting changes and improvements Warhammer 3 will bring to the engine, since we are the authors of weather mods for Warhammer 2 (Hazard Environmental Lighting and Ultimate LightingRandom Weather).

Hazard told me that he found in Troy data files this texture.

3 things to consider:

1- Those are clearly Warhammer moons, not related to Troy.

It could means that they have experimented Warhammer3 stuff during Troy development since they share the same engine.

2- Those are the same pathmoon files that are used in every Total War game that have it visible.

So it's not "art book stuff" for things like events, this is exactly the moon file for the skybox during battles.

3- This could also means that finally we will see proper night battles in Warhammer 3.

Of course this is all speculation and nothing confirmed or official, but i think it's pretty clear where they want to go.

Count me excited!!!

EDIT: As some of you pointed out, those were present in the past trailers: the vampire counts campaign intro expecially show these exact textures. So it means they had those since Warhammer 1, but decided for some unknown reason to not use them.

However, those files are not present in WH1 and WH2 databases, so a new question rises: why they appeared on Troy files in a way (considering the path and filename) they are ready to be put in the game battles?

EDIT 2: There is also a standalone Morrslieb texture which looks different from the couple one.

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Here's the texture from Troy data files:

Two moons texture:

Standalone and different Morrslieb


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