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Legendary Chaos invasion in Drycha campaign (spoiler: it was a blast)

Content of the article: "Legendary Chaos invasion in Drycha campaign (spoiler: it was a blast)"

I've decided to try new ME feature – a difficulty levels for Chaos Invasion. I'm playing M/M (have enough hard times at work so just want to relax a bit in my fav game), with Legendary difficulty for Chaos.

So, as Drycha, most of the campaign was about surviving as your economics are weak and everyone hates you, the intolerant piece of wood.

Then turn 96 happened, and the fun hits the fan. Chaos appered in two packs: 12 armies in Naggaroth and 12 armies at Kislev borders.

I ignored Chaos and just sat on my tree watching this guys scorch everything.

East wing of the horde – 12 armies

West wing – 12 armies

First few turns Chaos moved as one pack, and effectively destroyed Kislev, Moulder, Kraka Drak and a few Empire states.

Then Chaos had spreaded their forces, wich ended poorly for them. On this picture is the last one of the East wing.

The consequences in the Old world. Not really painful, but all the burned cities was quickly populated by Eshin, making them Power #1 with 85 settlements.

The consequences in the New world: Nagarroth is wiped out. All dark elven states and Riktus are destroyed,

Then, just a few turns later, another horde appeared.

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Most of them was destroyed by Eshin armies.

THey even managed to awaken 2 norsca tribes.

Then Chaos spreaded thir forces, and its armies was defeated one by one by Empire and Eshin.

The most western Chaos army made it to the Bretonia borders. After this, Shield of Civilization declared war on Eshin and pushed them back to Pigbarter. My only help was a few money transfers (about 300K in total).

New world expedition was more lucky. They erazed all that remains since the first wave.

Destroyed Twins, chaos started to spread their forces, trying to get to Ulthuan.

Most of the armies was defeated by HElves and Wulfhart forces.

Then, Eltharion managed to kill Archaon while other Chaos LLs was wounded, and Chaos invasion was collapsed.

So, as a result I got desolated Nagarroth, almost untouched Lustria and Ulthuan, and usual post-war Old world. That was interesting expirience. In a while I'll try this with Nagarond just to understand how it is to get 30 stacks on your doorstep.

Also reminder for WElfs: as Drycha I wasted a lot of time waiting for confederation quests but got only one – confederated Durthu. So, by turn 100 I was forceed to conquer other welfs. Should have done it earlier. 4 settlements with 5000 income makes life easier.

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Also reminder: my trade routes was blocked for most of the campaign, but when I've captured Barak Varr, I get trade routes with Dwarfs, Bretonnia, HElfs, Khemri and my economics start flourishing. Would be great to get some way to understand what blocks your trade routes.


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