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Legendary difficulty Guide 3K

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Might be a bit late into writing this seeing as 3Ks player has dropped but here goes.

So i decided to write this because I have completed the campaign a few times on legendary with different faction and never go bust even once. I thought it might help those who have never tried or are afraid to try.

1) Factions hardly matter – I find factions are really more or less the same. They are all winnable, definitely gun for the factions strength. Like kong rongs bei hai archers are good tho exp, they just shred enemy generals. I always get 1 or 2 in an army if I can early game <20 turns so I get lvl10 faily quick and they just out-range enemy archers in sieges.

2) Enemies come at you no matter what – yes yes sometimes you just don’t knwk why some AI would abandon defending their commandery and travel half the map to attack you instead. – So what you should always do is ally with a stronger/equal nearby faction that serves as early warning (you have sight of their provinces), prefably liu bei no matter the cost. Even at -20 Diplomacy. You can then choose and time your future battles better.

3) Always press F3 every turn and sell your food. Extra food are useless if you are not planning to start a war. Always check for factions to trade and get extra income. Ideally 2 food should get you +200 gold/turn for 10 turns. Some factions might even pay more.

4) Create 2 or 3 generals-only army. The idea is to Keep a lean army. Armies will bankrupt you. I used 1 full stack only up to turn 50, I complement with 2 or 3 stacks of generals only army to win battles/take settlements, meaning they have no units. Generals are strong in 3K, and are free when deployed naked. Use them to quel any rebellion as well !

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5) Ambush & Strategist – I’m not sure if this is obvious but you should always include a strategist general (blue) in your army. Prioritise + ambush, + capture chance, night battle. They are useful in sieges and defending your province. You can ambush near your settlements to get their reinforcements and you can win most ambush battles automatically.

6) Priorities a few wealthy commanderies – 2 or 3 wealthy commanderies with max tax will get you thru mid-late game. Getting money generating buildings only for these commanderies are paramount, especially the one that reduces public order.

7) Bait enemy – if u find yourself out gun, sometimes it’s just best to abandon defending a settlement and take a turn to regenerate fully, wait for enemy to occupy the settlement and hit back with the help of extra generals-only army. Sometimes ambushing is not worth it as they might have 2-3 stacks grouping up. Even if u won one battle, they will chase u down afterwards. Best to Wait for them to scatter a bit.

8) Battles & Shock Calvary – I always get 6 units of Calvary with a red general in any army. First thing i do in a battle is to bait and take out enemy Calvary with all my own generals and Calvary, then travel to kill the enemy general, they should be ramming through your stationary foot soldiers but is fine. Generals must always die first then u can win/turtle any battles.

9) Avoid expanding too early – I can’t stress this enough. Avoid expanding too much too early in the game. Just take enough settlements to be on an equal standing or slightly worse than other factions. If you must, take only strategic ones like food farm then wait a few turns and sue for peace.

  • is always best to focus on building your commanderies economically than fighting on multilple fronts unnecessarily. This will keep enemy aggro off you up to mid game unless u are Dong zhuo, then u should always fight and ransom.
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10) Food tech tree is useless until late game. I always find myself doing better when I have the purple building that gives – corruption to nearby commanderies. Get that after u get your +10% replenish buff.

11) Don’t be lazy. -Yes it’s tempting to auto resolve easy siege battles, must sometimes you just won’t knkw if there’s an enemy stack lurking nearby.

12) Don’t kill Enemy generals – I find getting the ransom better than killing them. Helps with building relationships too, unless you are in a difficult spot then u must kill them to prevent them from respawnimg 3 turns later.

13) Don’t take the throne too early. – If you are a faction that does not become an empire, like mateng and kong rong, don’t be tempted to take the throne for those extra 3 slots of faction wide buffs. It’s not worth it if you have to fight your strong ally while you still have room to grow. Wait until 85-100 turn then you should be able to sustain 16-17 stacks of powerful army while fighting off everyone else.

14) Vassalise and keep your honour high. – vassaliss a few factions with desirable generals and assimilate them into your faction once u are approaching late game. U can then create a few OP army with stronger generals to lead the front. Even a -100 honour is fine as shit should be hitting the fan come late game.

First time writing such a thing and I hope it helps. I guess I’ll be trying warhammer 2 next. 🙂


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