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Hello everyone. I want to discuss with you the possibility of Li Jue becoming playable one day and how his faction would work if that ever happens.

So the easy solution is to unlock him and just let him have Dong Zhou's mechanics but I just think that would be lazy and wasting great potential.

The idea I have is that the faction should revolve around Li Jue and Guo Si's relation. Here it is:

Court: The way I'd do it is that both Li Jue and Guo Si would be your faction leaders but as a trade-off, you won't have a prime minister position. Also, you would get an additional heir position, one for each leader. Also, your court would be divided into two factions, just like how Liu Hong's court is divided into three.

Faction Resource: Your faction resource would be named Harmony (I'm really bad with choosing names). It's a resource that defines how well Li Jue and Guo Si are getting along. It would change from 0 to 100. Divided into four categories:

0 to 25: Rivals, you would get severe penalties in satisfaction, public order, and corruption. The two leaders not getting along is causing the people and officials to become discontent and corruption is rising as they are busy fighting each other.

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25 to 50: Disparity, the penalties will be lighter. The leaders are suspicious of each other and are starting to not get along.

50 to 75: Agreement, things are going well and you get slight bonuses in public order, satisfaction, and corruption

75 to 100: Friends, the two leaders are really getting along and you get big bonuses.

Gaining Faction Resource:

  1. There would be a passive decay depending on how much you currently have. (the more you have the more you'd lose)
  2. When two people of different factions win a fight together you would gain some Harmony and when they lose you would lose some.
  3. If Guo Si and Li Jue have a positive relationship (like friends or sworn brothers) you would passively gain some and if they have a negative relationship you would passively lose it. (Maybe being sworn brothers would even offset the passive decay.)
  4. Events
  5. Special assignment?

Unique Units: I have no idea about this, maybe they'd retain Dong Zhou's, or preferably they would get one new shock cavalry (Red) and one new spear infantry (green).

Emperorship: When the time comes you would get three or four options:

  1. Restore the Han (if you still control the emperor): You would get a standard empire court.
  2. Emperor Li Jue: Standard empire court, Li Jue becomes emperor and Guo Si would become your rival and appear with a full-stack next to your capital as a rebel. You would get a debuff giving you dissatisfaction for Guo Si's former faction members and other penalties. The Harmony mechanic will disappear.
  3. Emperor Guo Si: Standard empire court, Guo Si becomes emperor and Li Jue would become your rival and appear with a full-stack next to your capital as a rebel. You would get a debuff giving you dissatisfaction for Li Jue's former faction members and other penalties. The Harmony mechanic will disappear.
  4. Shared Empire: You would continue as it is and would get a slightly different empire court.
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Events: The events would obviously revolve around Li Jue and Guo Si's interactions and reward you with Harmony based on your decisions.

Unique Characters: Guo Si would obviously become unique. Zhang Ji, Zhu Jun, and Fan Chou are good choices too.

If you've read it until here, thank you and please share your ideas and opinions.


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