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Lords Pack Speculation and Roster 3.0 (Part 3-The Commander and the Seer)

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Welcome to Part 3 of the Lords Pack Speculation and Roster 3.0! The point of these pieces is to discuss potential Game 3 Lord packs using races from previous games. Some of these will feature a previous race vs a previous race while others will feature a previous race vs a Game 3 race. Either way, they will hope to show what these races still have on the table (as some of the Game 2 packs have done). I and others have discussed future Game 2 packs to near death so I don’t need to discuss what they could be.

Before we start, here is the Halflings Speculation and Roster which contains all my previous pieces (don’t have to copy and paste all those links again!) and here is Lords Pack Speculation and Roster 3.0 (Part 1-The Sealord and the Masque) and Lords Pack Speculation and Roster 3.0 (Part 2-The Marshal and the Warboss). Here is the Vampire Counts Bloodlines-Speculation and Roster as well. As you’ll notice, Bretonnia, Skaven and Dark Elves have already received pieces on what future content they could get so I won’t be covering them among the previous races. Also have a look at the constantly updating Warhammer Landmarks and Special Buildings Thread for future Landmarks.

This will be about Commander Morgan Bernhardt, the famous mercenary general of the Grudgebringers (and first Warhammer video game character-of which it is the 25th anniversary of Shadow of the Horned Rat as it released in 1995) against the notoriously lucky (and unlucky) Grey Seer Thanquol. The two have actually fought each before in Shadow of the Horned Rat so a rivalry is definitely fitting. Here’s a full playthrough of

and its sequel

. On a quick note, if playing Mortal Empires, the story starts at the start of Shadow of the Horned Rat. For Game 3’s campaign, it can be considered a sequel to Dark Omen as I’ll explain below (I’ll say SOTHR and DO as short for the two games). Also, please check the manuals of SOTHR and Dark Omen. They go through units and give the background to Morgan Bernhardt.

"The Grudgebringers will hold until paid their bloody gold."-Motto of the Grudgebringers.

Story-Commander Morgan Bernhardt had only just returned from his battle with the Dread King, and yet, he already had a new mission from Emperor Karl Franz. He was to travel into the east and assist the Reiksmarshal with a certain Orc threat. He also had to investigate a possible Skaven plot involving a certain Grey Seer. Morgan shook his head; he had dealt with that Skaven before and was not looking forward to fighting him again. His reputation had travelled as well. Defeating a horde of Orcs and Skaven, as well as defeating the Dread King’s army does that for a mercenary. Mercenary contracts and offers were a plenty but Morgan could not bring himself to take money over his mission. Klaus was right, he was crazy!

Out of the many contractors that approached him, only one interested him: Ceridan. Ceridan had been the enigmatic High Elf Ranger that had assisted him during the Horned Rat incident. The protection of the Waystone in Athel Maraya had been a crucial task. Ceridan was quick to the point, he wished Morgan to assist him in stopping another Skaven plot in the east. “The Polar Warp Gates?” Morgan stated with disbelief. “Yes, the same Skaven we stopped in Athel Maraya. They still have the runic crystals Morgan. They’re going to use the immense power within them and channel their foul God into our reality. Athel Maraya was likely powerful enough for one of their Verminlords or even their God, but this…” Ceridan trailed off. The immense threat was obvious. “My Grudebringers are heading east, I can assist you while also..” Ceridan interrupted with a shout, “No! You must stop them at all costs Morgan! If the Horned Rat is summoned, all of reality will cease to exist!” Morgan slowly nodded his head. With that, Ceridan nodded back. Morgan turned to his aging Paymaster, Dietrich. “Write that down, we’ve work to do.”

Morgan’s continued success had turned the Grudgebringers from a small mercenary group into a fully-fledged army. His army was preparing all that it needed into the east. Ceridan was joining him and he had word from previous mercenaries that he had employed in his time. He had been nothing but a mercenary for coin and ale money, but now he now felt a hero. Could he continue doing so or was he just disguising his true self under the façade of glory? An Orc Warboss that threatened the Empire, the eastern trade routes, a Skaven plot to summon their foul God? Morgan truly did live to cheat death! His father Graf’s smile of pride would be larger now. Things could be worse though…

“Paddle quick-faster fool-fool!” Thanquol shouted at his fit to collapse servant Issfet Loptail. He had been paddling for many hours now and even Thanquol was impressed (although he would never say it). They had been stuck in the Sea of Chaos on a leaky ale cask for a few days, but the coast was getting closer. Thanquol had been thinking of ways to explain to the Council of Thirteen of what had happened with the Harp of Ruin. He was sure he had a valid explanation within his mind. It was redundant for the time being anyway, the hidden Skaven outpost of Bitter Stink was nearby. He could regroup and resupply there. Thanquol again shouted at Issfet “I’m almost there, you slack-slow near finish!?”. Thanquol sat back in the cask, a valid explanation indeed.

“It was all Issfet’s fault-fault!”, Issfet’s head turned like lightning at the statement, a look of hatred and complete fear etched on it. “If only my direct-clever orders had been listen-hear to! The Harp of Ruin would still be in our possession-keep!”. Thanquol kept his tail from slapping the ground, he did not want a repeat of another occasion with the Council. Speaking of, the Council discussed among themselves at Thanquol’s indisputable and well-thought out facts. Seerlord Kritislik brought an end to the talks by raising a hand. “So, Issfet destroyed the Harp of Ruin?”, “Yes-yes, it was all him!” Thanquol sputtered while Issfet’s musk of fear let loose. Kritislik raised his hand to his chin, considering the events. “It is clear then, Issfet is a great hero of the Under-Empire!”. Issfet’s fear suddenly turned to confusion, but he quickly recomposed himself. “An elf-thing weapon, an entire Black Ark and the elf-thing army destroyed. A Skaven outpost saved!” The latter words of Kritislik had the other Council members turn to him and narrow their eyes. Thanquol was confused, Bitter Stink was the secret stronghold of Clan Scruten! Was Kritislik’s mind going? Could he now become Seerlord, could he…Issfet was getting praise for his works! “Issfet is a loyal agent of the Council. A promotion should be given, yes-yes!” Most of the Council agreed, never all of course, it being the Council’s way. Issfet was given many rewards and gifts, a whole detachment of Council Guard being among them! Issfet left the Council meeting with a smile on his face (and for once in a Skaven’s life, it was genuine!).

Thanquol slapped his tail as he walked out of the Council room, his frustration evident. Again, his immense genius had been ruined by the lying and incompetence of others. “You never learned from the Clan Skab incident, did you?” A whispering voice entered Thanquol’s mind, he jumped in panic from the sudden intrusion. “Do not worry, future events will give you the Great Horned Rat’s true favour, we, the Verminking, demand it!”. The authority in the voice struck Thanquol. The mental distraction allowed a pair of hands to grab him into a nearby dark space. He met face to face with a pair of white-furred Council Guard. Behind them, the face of Kritislik. “Thanquol, we need to talk”. “It was all me-me! I stopped elf-thing plan, Issfet lied and stole-stole my plans, he..” Kritislik raised a hand, “Quiet! I have other plans for you Thanquol, a greater-better plan, a gift!”. The last word worried Thanquol. He wondered what ‘gift’ he would get. “What of the elf-thing Vortex, my deal-deals with Clan Skurvy..”,Kritislik again raised a hand, “All past you, you have new orders, yes-yes!”. Kritislik gave a twisted smile, “I hear you were in contact with Clan Scruten…”.

Thanquol nearly tore out his hair again. The east! He was to head into the eastern part of the world, and take Clan Scruten with him. A whole Clan under his command! Under different circumstances, Thanquol would be cheering his great effort and ability on achieving such power. However, he was no dumbed-brained Rat Ogre. It was clear he was being set up to take the blame for Kritislik’s personal corruption. The Council would believe he had been financing Clan Scruten for a power-grab. He would miss the Vortex as well. That Grey Seer Vulscreek would take all the glory! At least he had Bonebreaker back. Kritislik had given him that little consideration at least. “All to plan Thanquol, isn’t it?” The voice in his mind again! “Show-show yourself! I am Thanquol, greatest of the Grey Seers, I not fear-fear you!”. A clawed hand rippled through reality, bending the protective sheen, before it torn open with a rat’s screech. Thanquol let loose the musk of fear as the clawed hand quickly reached for him, and lifted him off the ground. “You almost summoned we at Athel Maraya, Thanquol.”. A immense Verminlord stared at him, its magnificent horns spreading across the large chamber and the image of multiple faces staring at him. “Our name is Skreech Verminking, your true destiny lies in the east Thanquol, the Great Horned Rat demands it!”.

Dogs of War/Southern Realms-Before I discuss Morgan Bernhardt, I wish to talk about the Dogs of War/Southern Realms and their mechanics.

  • Units-This is important as the Dogs of War were just RoR on the tabletop in 5th edition (at first). My first piece had the Dogs of War/Southern Realms with their 5th edition book and the official 6th edition Alessio Cavatore roster that adds generic units for them. They can get more though (the Halflings roster could work). There are multiple units in the lore that can be added to their roster. These include Brunner the Bounty Hunter (LH), Assassin (Hero), Bounty Hunter (Hero-would make them ranged compared to the Assassin’s close combat), Estalian Conquistadors, Estalian Diestros, Land Ship, Fire Dragon (one appears in SOTHR and is surrounded by gold, had a model too), etc. I’m sure if you looked through the lore, there would be many other units that could serve as units for Southern Realms. As we don’t have the Dogs of War/Southern Realms yet, Morgan’s section will focus on himself (although there are unique units that can be given to him).

  • Eastern Trade Routes-This is very important to the Dogs of War/Southern Realms. I always thought the Dogs of War were the new race that was to be announced in Game 1 (it was instead Norsca which was still decent). I thought “Game 2 will include them with expeditions to Lustria.” We got hints to them with New World Colonies but nothing solid. It was then I realised that the Dogs of War 5th edition book has the map you see in the picture (and here is the Ogre Kingdoms map showing the Ivory Road, Spice Route, etc).

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This is likely a big reason why the Dogs of War have been saved for Game 3 (there are others though). These Eastern Trade Routes can serve as an excellent objective for them (and one for Morgan as well, continue on your mission or take the trade routes for serious money). Of course, you’ll have to secure each part of the route (trade caravans will be represented by scripted armies and consist of mercenaries and War Wagons-and other suitable Wagon like units) and make sure the trade caravans make it to the next part of their destination (places like Pigbarter and other can serve as checkpoints). You can attach one of your mercenary armies to the caravan army and it will move along with it (if the caravan is ambushed, you’ll automatically join the battle to fight it off). Wiping out the threats along the route will make it easier for the caravans to move along so you can focus on other threats. Securing each trade route will give you immense amounts of money and power (with complete control, you could direct the flow of goods to help in diplomatic options and other benefits). For a visual example of this, watch



  • Contracts-You’re a Mercenary, you get paid by others! Every couple of turns, a faction on the map will offer you a contract. You can choose whether to accept it or not (multiple contracts can land at your door, you choose whether to take all of them, a few, one or none). Contracts can range from defending or attacking a settlement, assassinating a key figure, destroying a faction, allying with that faction, etc, the possibilities for contracts is limitless. Be careful though, not only are there other Mercenary armies about who could complete your contract first (and take the gold!) but reputation matters. If you fail or make a mess of the contracts given, you’ll get the lowest tier of contracts with little gold to it. Backstabbing an ally/contractor or working too many times with certain factions will make you enemies, beware! GTA 2 had a ‘Respect’ meter in regard to the gangs in the game. It can work like that regarding reputation.

Lastly, if you’re playing anyone but Dogs of War/Southern Realms, you can hire mercenary armies and give them contracts to complete (can’t control their units though for balancing). It’ll cost you but will be worth it (well, hopefully).

  • Playstyle-In addition to the above, there is the general gameplay of the Dogs of War/Southern Realms. You’ll start out with a LL picked and as a horde (unless playing someone already with a start location like Borgio). Once you get enough money, you’ll be able to create a minor settlement. This goes along further upgrades into a settlement, major settlement, city, etc. This is to give you the experience of starting out as a Mercenary until you become rich and powerful through your work (either that or dead). It said this in the SOTHR manual; "as a mercenary for hire, you aim to earn as much gold as possible and make your mercenary army the most powerful in the land!"

There’s more though. I would also use an Avatar mode/Army Painter to make your own Mercenary Company/Army. You could select the race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc), army colour, banner/symbol, traits, weapons, etc and pick a random spot on the map to start. As the Dogs of War are the most accessible and friendly in terms of rpg and ‘Your guys/gals’, you can basically have your own personal adventure across the world! Random spawning Mercenary armies like your own will appear to give you competition (like Rogue Armies basically). Anyway, onto the famous Commander.

  • Morgan Bernhardt-Morgan Bernhardt is the famous commander of the Grudgebringers. Morgan himself is actually the first ever video game character for Warhammer Fantasy and has starred in two games (that were very similar to Total War-albeit, on a much smaller scale).

Morgan and his Grudgebringers has had a number of appearances in other media too as his mercenary group has been referenced in the latest 4th edition rpg and Vermintide 1 (as well as appearing in Citadel Journal 22, the cover of White Dwarf 192, a mention in White Dwarf 211 with Dark Omen and a lore blurb mentioning the battle of Mousillon vs Black Grail Knights in one of the older VC armybooks (6th edition-check magic items pg.50). You’re likely thinking, what would his rules be or consist of? Amazingly, he has two sets of rules, one from SOTHR (this game was faithful to the TT and used the exact rules from TT, so Morgan Bernhardt’s stats are in the game) and another from Citadel Journal 22. Looking at his in-game stats (the bottom of this guide shows everyone’s stat in game), we have this:

8 (Movement) 4 (Weapon Skill) 5 (Ballistic Skill) 4 (Strength) 4 (Toughness) 2 (Wounds) 4 (Initiative) 2 (Attacks) 9 (Leadership). His stats are ok (he’s basically an Empire General with some lesser elements).

Looking at Citadel Journal 22’s scenarios, Morgan Bernhardt is listed as an Imperial (Empire) General and can either increase his weapon skill or strength by one. As Empire 4th edition was the current book, Morgan has these stats:

4 (Movement-would be 8 as he’s mounted on his white horse) 6 (Weapon Skill-or 7) 6 (Ballistic Skill) 4 (Strength-or 5) 4 (Toughness) 3 (Wounds) 6 (Initiative) 4 (Attacks) 9 (Leadership). These are much better stats; Morgan can give out leadership and kill enemies when need be.

Morgan Bernhardt is armed with the magical weapon Grudgebringer Sword (this mighty sword has runes inscribed along the blade by a Bright magic Wizard Lord. In combat, the wielder strikes more accurately and ferociously against his enemies. The sword can also cast a Fireball from the Lore of Fire-I want to expand this as the sword being able to be upgraded with all spells from the Lore of Fire-the manual has this line from a Bright Wizard Lord-"Grudgebringer demands respect young man, he has some great powers if you treat him well."), a Shield and heavy armour (his armour rating in-game is four and the game lists five as full armour). Morgan is mounted on a white Warhorse (although I would allow foot too due to the Grudgebringer Infantry). I would give Morgan a few special rules as well: Additional damage against Greenskins, Skaven and Undead units, ‘Live to Cheat Death’ (there is a chance that an attack that hits Morgan will do no damage-no matter the source), ‘Call me Commander’ (Morgan and nearby friendly units gain increased leadership and gain increased charge damage) and ‘Hero’ (SOTHR and DO had a clickable button in it that allowed you to encourage a regiment to even greater effort during battle. This would increase their strength but it was only temporary and occurs only when you clicked on the button-this would make Morgan have crazy strength if you clicked it repeatedly but you would have to focus your attention on it to do so. Upgrade this and you can increase the strength of nearby units near Morgan). On another note, I would also allow Morgan access to the Drakwald Runefang (Beast Slayer) as he is given access to this blade at the end of Dark Omen. Morgan will only gain access if he succeeds in many of the tasks given to him by the Empire regarding Gorbad (the magic items from SOTHR and DO could work as unlocks as well).

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Morgan should also have access to Campaign-exclusive units as follows (while there was only one of each in SOTHR and DO, I would imagine that Morgan’s success now allows as many as he wants):

  • Grudgebringer CavalryTaking their name from their Commander’s powerful sword, these mercenaries form the core of the army known as the Grudgebringers. They are skilled in combat and ride into battle on mighty war-horses. Basically a form of heavy cavalry. They had armour level four in SOTHR but three in DO. Armed with sword and shield and mounted on Warhorses.

  • Grudgebringer InfantryThese warriors are highly experienced and proficient fighters led by Sergeant Gunther Schepke, Bernhardt’s second in command. As part of the respected mercenary army known as the Grudgebringers they are completely loyal to their Commander. Armed with sword and shield and have an armour rating of two in-game.

  • Grudgebringer CrossbowsAs part of the respected Grudgebringer mercenary army, these troops are skilled in their art and loyal to their Commander. They are armed with powerful crossbows, which have a long range but require line of sight to their target. Although they wield their crossbows with considerable skill, they are not particularly effective in hand-to-hand combat. Only the front rank of crossbowmen may fire. Armed with Crossbows and have an armour rating of one.

  • Grudgebringer CannonThis machine fires heavy cannonballs which can tear through enemy regiments and light buildings with ease, but is progressively more inaccurate the further it fires. Its enormously long range is only equalled by Orc Rock Lobbers, but it requires line of sight to its target as the cannonball is fired in a very shallow arc. Armour is useless against hits from a cannon. Similar to an Empire Cannon and the crewmen have an armour rating of one.

Campaign-wise (for Mortal Empires), I would expect Morgan to start in the eastern Border Princes as he

in a town called Wissenheim. He should have better relations with the Empire, Dwarfs, Bretonnia, Wood Elves, High Elves and Kislev (unless in Mortal Empires in which he is neutral to all). For Game 3, near the eastern trade routes would be appropriate considering Morgan is a mercenary (around the Dark Lands basically). Morgan will be stuck between a few objectives. Assisting Kurt Helborg with the Orc threat, securing the Eastern trade routes and helping Ceridan (who is actually a High Elf Ranger in-game and can serve as an exclusive hero unit) with stopping Thanquol and his attempt to summon the Great Horned Rat. The latter is your main objective but the other two will get you decent benefits if you’re able to complete them. For the final battle, Morgan will be fighting at either the Northern or Southern Polar Warp Gate in a final attempt to stop Thanquol from summoning his vile god. Winning this battle will not only make Morgan the greatest mercenary of the age, but one of the greatest heroes as well. An additional bonus fight would also be against Nagash and his Mortarchs during an end-game scenario (this would include the Dread King in the final showdown).

On general gameplay, your advisor will be your mentor Klaus Zimmerman. He’ll give you missions and other advice as the advisor usually does. You’ll have an exclusive Paymaster as well (Paymaster Dietrich Von Schweitzer). Your Paymaster will serve as a hero on the battlefield and act as the general morale booster for your mercenary army (just to say, Dogs of War had to have a Paymaster on the battlefield as he was the one with the Gold!).

As an unique feature for Morgan. It would be a great call back and interesting gameplay if you could unlock all the previous regiments that Morgan had access to in SOTHR and DO (the list of them is on the Grudgebringers wiki link). For example, if you complete missions for Emperor Karl Franz, you gain access to Luther Flamestrike the Bright Wizard, Boris von Raukov and his unit of Nuln halberdiers, etc. Aid the Wood Elves and you get Galed’s Glade Guard and Gnarl the Treeman, etc (on an interesting note, Wood Elves 8th edition mentions an item called the ‘Bow of Loren’ that was wielded by a Wood Elf called Galed as well). You can bring the whole gang back together for one last fight against Thanquol and his evils. As each of these regiments will act as mini-RoRs, you’ll have a very powerful army (or armies). They’ll serve as an excellent sense of nostalgia and reason to explore the map unlocking them.


  • Thanquol and Boneripper-Thanquol is one of the most classic characters in WFB, appearing even in its first video game! Therefore, having him in the game at some point is an inevitability. In terms of how he will appear, I see it as appropriate to have his last 7th-8th edition rules as the basis. He would then be able to have upgrades that would make him into his End Times incarnation. Starting with the 7th-8th edition, Thanquol is a magic user who uses spells from the Lore of Ruin and Lore of Plague. He has the special rules of Scurry Away!, Strength in Numbers, Verminous Valour, Warpstone Addiction (this allowed Thanquol to avoid miscasts which can work for the game but I would add that this would allow Thanquol to boost spells even higher than they normally be-of course, this would increase the miscast chance to even higher but the risk is always worth it, right?) and Blessing of the Horned Rat (Thanquol has a decent ward save to represent his ludicrous levels of luck-the problem here is that any wound or damage that Thanquol saves, it will strike a friendly model-I would have this in-game effect have friendly models take damage near Thanquol if he is taking damage. This plus Thanquol's Ward Save would make Thanquol one of the game's tankiest LLs, just as long as you have enough friendlies near him). Armed with a Sword, Warp-amulet (a talisman that allows Thanquol to heal himself-basically a healing potion in a way), Staff of the Horned One (this Arcane Item allows Thanquol to know an additional spell but I would expand upon this and allow Thanquol to have additional Winds of Magic) and Warpstone Tokens (as by the game-higher miscast but more Winds of Magic). Boneripper has the special rules of Fear, Unbreakable and Bodyguard of Thanquol (Boneripper must be close to Thanquol as he shuts down if he is not). Boneripper is armed with talons (and teeth) and a Warpfire Thrower. I was thinking whether Boneripper should be a separate hero, a summonable hero or even a mount but tell me what you think. If upgraded to his End Times variant, Boneripper becomes a huge mount for Thanquol. Thanquol is the same but with an upgraded Boneripper, Thanquol is now a large target, causes terror and is armed with four Warpfire projectors (well, Boneripper is). Boneripper can be further upgraded by having the Warpfire projectors replaced with Warpfire Braziers (magical weapons that damage enemies nearby and have flaming attacks-suited for close combat).
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Campaign-wise, Thanquol’s objective is to summon the Great Horned Rat using the two Polar Warp Gates (if Mortal Empires, Thanquol is to use the Waystone at Athel Maraya). Thanquol should have bonuses to setting up Under-cities in human controlled territories. I would start Thanquol hidden near Marienburg with the Under-Empire settlement of Bitter Stink and in charge of Clan Scruten in Mortal Empires (which has been

). I’m doing this as the last time Thanquol was seen was at the end of Elfslayer where he was drifting in the middle of the Sea of Chaos (Thanquol summons Skarbrand in 2515-Daemons of Chaos 7th edition, p29-As Thanquol’s Doom is the last Thanquol novel, Elflslayer is the last canonical appearance of Thanquol before the End Times). The closest (sensible) location was Marienburg and knowing his connections to Seerlord Kritislik, Thanquol could be asking for personal favours. As Thanquol has nothing bar himself and Boneripper’s corpse at this point, and that Kritislik is having suspicion put upon him for possibly owning Clan Scruten secretly (he swears that the expensive gear, weapons, number of Grey Seers and his personal rune mark is pure coincidence), Kritislik has given Clan Scruten to the command of Thanquol to remove any suspicion (and to remove Thanquol). Thanquol would give bonuses to Grey Seers and would have many upgrades regarding the Winds of Magic. A quest battle against Seerlord Kritislik would be great and of course, killing that Dwarf-thing and his Man-thing companion is another major goal for Thanquol! For Game 3’s start location, I’m not sure as Thanquol is a character that could end up anywhere. For the story I’ve created, I would start Thanquol near Kislev or the Chaos Wastes. I would also give Thanquol access to Council Guard (can have multiple units of the RoR) and Albino Rat Ogres (mentioned in the Grey Seer novel and in Elfslayer as the new Boneripper-could be an unit of elite and larger Rat Ogres or a single Rat Ogre Bonebreaker).

Thanquol’s end battle would be at either Northern or Southern Polar Gate and summoning the Great Horned Rat. For this fight, you would have to buy time for the ritual to finish (as SOTHR did in its final mission). You would fight many small groups and rivals that Thanquol has made during his adventures, this long list includes Morgan Bernhardt and his Grudgebringers, Gotrek and Felix, Seerlord Kritislik (if not killed in the Quest Battle), Deathmaster Snikch (he remembers Lustria and the deaths of the Chang Assassins), Skarbrand, Dwarfs from Karak Angkul, the spirit of Master Sleekit (he remembers his Apprentice!), Lord Griznekt Mancarver (main Warlord of Clan Skab, they remember the failed assault on Nuln and their loss of power), Lurk Snitchtongue (now a Rat Ogre, he remembers Thanquol’s incompetence), Izak Grottle (he remembers his disgrace with Moulder) and Issfet Loptail (he’s not allowing Thanquol to take his glory). There is likely other characters that could be implemented but, it should be a crazy and fun battle that involves Thanquol’s ludicrous luck and general craziness (the rivals should randomly attack each other as well). If victorious, Thanquol will have summoned the Great Horned Rat (Thanquol finally wins something and gets heaps of campaign benefits in return).

  • Skreech Verminking-Skreech is the top Verminlord, the chosen of the Horned Rat himself (making him a LH as Kroak is would make sense). He is deadly at close combat and is armed with a Doom Glaive (magical weapon with multiple wounds) and Plaguereaper (magical weapon that always strikes first-would give it poison attacks as well). He is also a great magic user who knows the Lore of Ruin and Lore of Plague (he always knows the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell). Has the special rules of Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Scurry Away!, Terror, Daemonic Attacks (all attacks are magical), Master of Ruin (greater chance of casting The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell), Protection of the Horned Rat (high ward save) and Rat Daemon (is effected by the same rules that Daemons have).

  • Verminlord-A Verminlord is a Lord choice for the Skaven. High-level caster who knows Lore of Ruin and Plague spells and is excellent at close combat too. Is armed with a Doom Glaive (this weapon multiplied the damage that it did so very high damage against most types of enemies seems suitable). Has the special rules of Scurry Away!, Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Terror, Ward Save (5+) and Rat Daemon (has the same rules as Daemons and is a monster-can't be the army general which I'll mention next). As already stated, Verminlords should be a Rite summon, similar to how Slann Mage-Priests are. They are a rare sight in the lore and so having them as a Rite makes sense. Along the basic Verminlord, there are also four different variants of Verminlords (from the End Times which will be mentioned below. There is also the Exalted version.

  • Exalted Verminlord-The top rat coming in at 775 points. This is basically a higher ranking Verminlord that is the same as a normal Verminlord bar a few differences. Differences are higher ward save, Unbreakable, Unstable, Loremaster (greater levels of casting would work for this) and Withering Flame (bound spell that is amazing at destroying horde units).

  • Verminlord Deceiver-The Clan Eshin Verminlord. High-level caster who knows Plague and Ruin but must have Skitterleap. Has the special rules of Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Scurry Away!, Terror, Daemonic Attacks (all attacks are magical), Protection of the Horned Rat (high ward save), Rat Daemon, Shrouded in Darkness (shooting attacks against this model have a reduction to trying to hit) and Shadowstrider (less chance to miscast Skitterleap, can also cast the spell upon itself-I would add stalk as well). Armed with a Warpstiletto (magic weapon with armour piercing and poisoned attacks) and Doomstar (magic range weapon with poisoned attacks the ability to cut down front ranks).

  • Verminlord Corruptor-The Clan Pestilens Verminlord. Same as the previous Verminlord with some differences. One is that he must know the Plague spell, second is the special rule of Plaguemaster (high chance of casting Plague) and is armed with Plaguereapers (magic weapons that Always Strikes First-I would give poison attacks as well).

  • Verminlord Warbringer-The Warlord Clan Verminlord. Same as the first except these differences. First is he must know the Death Frenzy spell, second is the special rule of Verminous Fury (higher chance of casting Death Frenzy) and is armed with a Doom Glaive and Punch-dagger (magic weapons that have Killing Blow and multiple wounds).

  • Verminlord Warpseer-The Grey Seer Verminlord. Again, same as the first but with these differences. Must know Warp Lightning spell, has special rule of Master of Lightning (higher chance of casting Warp Lighting and always has the best result when deciding how many are hit by the spell) and is armed with a Doom Glaive (magic weapon with multiple wounds) and Scry-orb (gives a higher ward save but can throw the Orb in which it loses the bonus-if throwed, the Orb explodes where it lands and instantly kills whatever unit is in the blast).



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November 2020 is filled with tons of games to pay attention to thanks to the upcoming launch of PS5 /Xbox Series X and beyond. Here's a roundup of the big ones.

Top 10 Best Video Games of 2020 (So Far)

In times of uncertainty, video games allow us to escape from the stress of the real world. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best games released in the first half of 2020.

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