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Mod Tribes Of Britannia Introduction

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A project to bring iron age Britain to life in thrones of britannia


Hi there reddit!

Apologies for the respost im pretty new to reddit.

this project has been a bit of a hobby of mine for a little while now and i have recently started it back up in production again.I feel the time period if fully fleshed out could provide thrones with a unique experiance and maybe give the title a breath of fresh air and live up to the great potential it had.

currently available to players is the first module of the custom & multiplayer battles for the tribal factions and a very basic roman roster with thier first round of units and i will be adding the other sub cultures with custom units as we go along into development. i have begun work on the grand campaign and when an issue tith Modding TOB is fixed by CA i can begin working on getting that out to players as soon as possible.

if you find this project interesting them please do feel free to get in touch with me about helping out. I am currently looking for a UI designer and artist to help out.




The setting for the mods campaign will be a few hundred years before the roman invasion and will contain a roman invasion event along with gaulic raiding parties as well. players will have access to play as any landed faction in game and the Romans will be available in custom battles.

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There has however since starting this mod been much discussion as to if the romans would be playable in the campaign or not. I have seen the massive amount of requests for this and will more thn likely end up making them a landed playable faction in game.


Grand Campaign Progress & Issues with tools

This section i just wanted to give a quick run down on the progress of the grand campaign & and some current issues with development that i hope to be hearing back from CA about very soon.

The campaign has been coming along really well in development. All old factions in the game have been compleatly removed and my custom factions have taken thier place in the map as seen here : with a lot of changes to building names and character names being more suited. there is obviously a long way to go but the progress so far has given me a really good picture and plan of where to take it next.

The issue i currently have with development is not time becuse this is just a hobby for me anyway but is actually the official tools from CA, of recent they have removed an old beta branch from steam that allowed us to use the tools because of an inherent issue with the new mod launcher. the lack of this beta branch or a suitable fix for the new launcher has left me unable to make significant progress on the mod until it has been looked into. in some good news CA have commented here on reddit that they have seen our complaints about this so i do hope that this gets resolved soon so that we can begin working on the mod properly again.

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Currently Available

– Custom & multiplayer battles with custom briton units with the tribes having access to thier first set of base units (that might change) and rome also having a basic roster that will be being overhauled soon.

– First custom units added (Slingers & Carnyx war horn units) along with implemented pilum throwing for roman units

– Custom unit abilities (I.e Romans have access to formations and testudo where as the britons have access to abilities like druidic chant & frenzy)

Planned features

– Fully overhauled campaign set 100's of years before the roman invasion of Britain

– Event spawned Gaulic invasion & eventual roman invasion (removed normans)- Custom units per faction depending on starting positions

– 60+ playable factions

– Custom faction traits

– General game system changes

– More custom unit abilities

– Chariots…..hopefully- More to come!


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