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Moments Like These Make Me So Proud To Be A High Elf Player – The Great Vampiric War

Content of the article: "Moments Like These Make Me So Proud To Be A High Elf Player – The Great Vampiric War"

Altdorf Under Siege By Vampires

The "Empire Relief Force", led by Haerrieth, Princess of Saphery, hastily arrived in Reikland

But Altdorf still fell by the hands of Helman Ghorst

Realizing directly laying siege would result in too many casualties, Haerrieth attacked a nearby Vampire army and drew everyone out and then mowed them down with arrows, magic and sheer will on open field.

If Eltharion once complained about facing almost 3 times the Greenskins in Badlands, then wonder what his reaction in this epic 1st Battle of Altdorf would be. Because 1395 brave Asur held back 5093 vampires.

Then our Princess, Loremaster and Mage dealt with the remaining Vampire in the city and retook Altdorf one turn after it fell into undead hands.

But no it's not over. Even more vampires came, wave after wave, toward Altdorf and each time the brave Asur stood their ground.

Now the ERF is garrisoning itself inside Altdorf, repairing its badly damaged walls, adding fortification, bringing down the corruption while holding back the undead tide. Its current plan is to transfer the city back to Karl Franz (region trading mod) once its walls were fully repaired. Meanwhile Eltharion's Badlands Expeditionary Force and Alaster's White Lion Army are force marching toward the ERF to relief.

With the Empire badly beaten up by the Vampires and the Dwarves struggling against Grom's green tide, Eltharion knew that in the upcoming war against Chaos, the Asur might be alone, as it seems like the dukedoms of Bretonnia weren't really interested in anything but wine, the surviving elector counts were too cowardly to rescue their kin in danger, and the Lizardmen were more interested in fighting each other.

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Can High Elves alone save the world? Or does Eltharion need to find some unlikely allies? Like his distant relatives in the Frozen Tundra?


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