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Moving Existing Lords to New Positions for Warhammer III

When the grand campaign (mortal empires / immortal empires / whatever) comes out I think a number of lords should be moved to new positions on the map.

When playing as the character:

Mannfred Von Carstein: Give Mannfred an option like Malus Darkblade has. Let him sell Drakenhoff to Vlad and instead start in Nehekara searching for lost necromantic knowledge. Alternatively his second start position could be in the Marshes of Madness but there’s still hope for a Strigoi dlc that would better fit there.

Morghur and Khazrak: Flip them. Put Morghur close to his actual rival the wood elves, and Khazrak next to his, Boris.

Imrik: Lots of options for Imrik. The one I like most is Tor Elithis a high elven colony off the coast of Cathay. Gives the high elves a very distant start position that lets them interact with that half of the map. (Though this could also be accomplished by adding Aislinn as a dlc or flc lord in that area). Alternatively slightly rework the plain of bones to include Anurell’s tomb a more fitting start position than the fortress of Vorag.

Fellheart: He has a disgustingly bad start position. Place him off the coast of either Ind or Cathay and let him be the evil slaving pirate he was always meant to be. This lets the dark elf’s have a presence in new regions and doesn’t take away the potential of fighting lizardmen since you can just push south with Morathi if you want.

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Malus Darkblade: Move him to the chaos wastes. It’s where he went and was originally bound to Tzarkan and the region will be getting much more content in game three. Fellheart off the coast of Ind basically takes his place for the dark elf presence in the region.

Tiktaq’to or Tehenhauin: The dragon isles. With Malus moved to the chaos wastes it allows for the lizardmen to get a start position nearer to the darklands.

Tretch: Crookback Mountain. Where he always should have been.

Snikch: Somewhere in Cathay. Where exactly….? TBD. Clan Eshin has a long history in Cathay and he could act as an ally to the Monkey king. Gives the Skaven a presence in the game 3 areas.

Arkhan the Black: Needs to move… somewhere. Whether it’s the black tower of Arkhan or to Nagashizzar proper I’m not sure. He gets beat up by all the surrounding factions. Brettonians, dwarfs, Suddenberg, other Tomb Kings.

Cylostra: Off the coast of Cathay. If you want to fight the lizards as the coast you still can with Harkon. This gives the Pirates a presence in the new area of the map.

Volkmar: (Assuming there is a horde rework and hordes are semi enjoyable) Make him a horde faction and stick him in Troll Country so he can fight Norsca / Chaos. Offers Kislev a early game human ally.

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When not playing as the character:

Skarsnik: Move him to Eight Peaks. It’s where he’s supposed to be in lore. And he barely ever survives past turn 30 in his current location. This gives both Belegar and Queek players a better antagonist to go against rather than the random backstabba. (Eight peaks in general needs a rework but that’s beyond the scope of this post)

Grom: Move him to Massif Orcal but set his Ai to constantly attack Ulthuan. It would give him much more survivability. As it is now he barely lasts to turn 20 most times.

Mannfred: Nehekara , see above

Vlad and Izzy: Drakenhoff, controlling the entirety of Sylvania. Giving the counts a pair of complete provinces at the start allows their ai to better handle their neighbors and pose a threat longer into the game.



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