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My dream lord pack: The Astromancer and the Lunatic.

G'day fellows, I wanna talk about the lord pack I'd like the most for the next DLC. Tetto'Ekko vs Moonclaw. I personnally really fucking love the theme in this matchup as Tetto'Ekko would represent Mannslieb and Moonclaw Morrslieb.

CA we still need the moons in the battle maps btw.


– Tetto'Ekko would obviously be the LL for the Lizardmen side of the lord pack. He is the Chief Astromancer of the Temple of the Eclipse in Tlaxtlan. I'm not really good at coming up with a mechanic but I'll still give it a shot. I imagine he would have some mechanic based on the Omens as it is an important part of his lore. So it could be in the form of a panel with different Omens where you can spend a new resources to activates those omens and receive buffs to your factions or debuffs for another faction.

Since he's from Tlaxtlan I'd put him there as a start but there might be a more interesting choice as Lustria is really crowded in ME. Maybe he could start in the far west part of Lustria since it's quite empty over there ?

– Oracle Skink as a new hero. I know he is supposed to be the Skink on top of the Troglodon unit but it could probably be interesting as a hero option. I'd turn him into some sort of support hero with some auras, basically a Warrior Priest but for the Lizardmen.

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– Coatl would fit nicely. It is said to be a manifestation of the god Tepok which is the god that blessed Tetto'Eko. The Coatl can manipulate the Winds of Magic so he would get one or two bound spell.

– Arcanodon, I personally see it as some sort of artillery piece. Probably could have an aura to buff or debuff the units too.

– Troglodon, one of the most requested missing unit. Would be similar to the Carnosaur but have a small ranged attack and would be anti-infantry.

– Feral Troglodon. Somehow CA has an obsession with feral units so I'll put it there for the meme.

Children of Morrslieb:

For the Beastmen I chose Moonclaw. He's literally an alien as he was born from the Moon Morrslieb and I've always loved the whole Eldritch terror thing I'm a slut for anything Lovecraftian really. He's a super unique character and has a lot of potential for unique mechanic and a decent narrative in the Vortex since his main goal is to destroy the Waystones so he could have a narrative and a mechanic based on the Waystones destruction with improved Moon events.

I'd put him anywhere near Ulthuan because of his whole "destroy the Waystones" objective maybe even on Ulthuan itself. This continent could really use some new threats after all.

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– Great Bray Shaman, not much to say about this guy. He'd be a caster and I consider him more important than the Doombull since the latter would just be a second melee lord option.

– Jabberslythe, one of the sexiest creature of the entire setting.

– Ghorgon, IIRC he's supposed to be an anti-large monster which the BM are really lacking currently.

I don't really expect the Jabber and the Ghorgon in the same lord pack as it would probably cost too many Charlemagne but man, I like to dream a little.

– Tuskgor Chariots, probably not the most interesting units but it's one of the few 8th edition unit left.

FLC Content:

– Taurox. He's too popular this guy HAS to come, I think he fits as FLC the most since he wouldn't bring anything new from a gameplay perspective, the main point of having him is just a proper minobus really. The minobus is already the best and most popular way to play the Beastmen so meh, that's nothing new. He also has a really simple model so it'd be cheap enough for a FLC. Also given his popularity he would definitely boost the sales of the first BM DLC and I just can't see CA ignoring that opportunity.

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– Total War Access FLC: The Doombull, we can't have Taurox without a Minotaur lord after all. It's just a minotaur so it'd be easy enough to make as with a FLC budget.

– Skull for the Skull Throne FLC: The Wargor, the more the merrier.


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