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Need help with Troy

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Okay so I finished the campaign with Agamemnon and it took me like 180 something turns.And I got total war victory (even though I didn't aim for it).I can say that I like the game and would give it solid 7/10 or leaning to 8/10.But there are some things that I still can't get,that's why I am writing this post.So here are they:

-As far as I know there are 16 classes and those are:Clubman,Shielded Clubman,Two handed Clubman,Spearman,Shielded Spearman,Two-Handed Axeman,Shielded Axeman,Javiliniers,Slingers,Archers,Bow Chariots,Mele Chariots,Bow cavlary,Javalin Cavlary,Mele Cavlary,Swordsman.

I can't never understand who counters who,since for instance in heavly armored shielded spearman have a bouns against axeman and swords man,while for instance swordsman have bonus against spearman.

Ok,but some clases I can get:S. Spearmen-These are your frontline,Swordsman-These are your flankers,T-H. Axeman-These are your medium and heavy infatry killers,Javaliners-Same as T.-H. axemen,Bowmen-Stronger version of Slingers,Chariots and Calvary is preatty self explenatory.

But then we get the clases that I don't know the meaning of:These are clubman both versions,T-H Spearmen,S. Axemen.If anyone can tell me what is their purpose that would be dope.

-It seems that each classes in each faction have different stats both in their main card and their stats card.I don't know If I like this,since it can lead to confusion and to me it seems disorganized or all over the place.Perhaps the positive thing is,that it can lead to more replayabilty.

-It seems that in this game you can't lead a setlment to rebelion (unless you raid next to it,but that would be same as decleration of war in couple of turns),since neither of the three agents can make the setlment unhappy,they just affect the garrison.Exception to this would be the Envoy,but even if you manage to convert the setlment to your influence it takes so much time that the owner will declare the war on you and it also doesn't do anything.Do you know a way how to instigate rebelions?

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-As for agents I think I know what they do:

Spy-Assassinate,Posion the garrison,Posion the army,Scout for the army when embeded to it,Replenish the army really quickly,I don't know his passive

Envoy-Increase your influence both in your own and enemy's setlment,Proclaim an enemy agent as a traitor (Assassinate),Reduce the upkeep of an army when embeded to it,Reduce the movement range of enemy army,His passive increases the resoucres of setlment

Pristess-Favour gatherer,When embeded to an army you can do sacrfices,Reduce morale of enemy army and garrison,Proclaim an agent as an enemy of the state (Assasinate) (I know that isn't exactly the actions name),Deplete the movement points of an agent,Her passive increases happines in local province

Special agents are easy to understand

-Places with mithological units:

As far as I know you can recruit the other units,but all those who are conected to the gods,will just provide a garrison.

-Benefits of the gods:

The only gods I found to be useful are Ares,Atina,Aphrodite and Apolo.

The benefits of other gods I found meh.Could you convince me otherwise?


I think this is realtivly new to TW games.Maybe it was first introduced in 3K.But as far as I know,if you want to confederate a faction,you have positive relations with them,are stronger than them and you don't sign any alliance with them.Is this right?

-Settlment occupation options:

I never understood these option in TW games.For instance,why would I want to raze or sack something that I can occupy and what would also give me more resources?

Why would I also want to loot it and occupy it,since it would be an even a bigger of hassale to deal with?

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Can you tell me in what situations should I use these different options?


Are they just the giant (pun intended) versions of already established classes?

I know this is a very long post,but If you can make my TW expirence even greater,I would be grateful.

Thank for reading


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